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I'm sure I've already praised Revenant back on the phpBB2 CWS boards for the ingenuity of the interface and the beautiful graphics, but I'll gladly do it again 😉

So, any idea on what remains to be done?

OMFGLOL WOW! Now I want to be on your team too! ;D

If I was worried enough to send you a PM asking if this had died, don't you think other people would be too? I'm glad you posted this on the board, so people can know that it's still alive and kicking. Thanks again for all the hard work, and keep it up. Know that the release will be anticipated, so don't quit working on it (or if you do, at least make the files available)!

What else needs to be done? I'd be willing to help with anything relating to coding/writing in the next few months, which will be relatively relaxed for me.


Dies again

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Dies again


Those are the most amazing graphics I have seen in my life......... :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

you sir plus your team are geniuses 😄


me wants

Say, UE, Revenant's site doesn't work. Is it in progress, or do I need to use something other than Firefox?


Voinians eh? Is this related to EVO?

####! As a graphics dude, I am drooling. How'd you do that?!?

Visually, nobody touches you guys.

I hope you know when to stop (or at least pause) and share. 🙂

EDIT: In other words, please release something someday! To many wonderful projects have turned to vapors. If there is ever to be an EV4, it's going to be because plugmakers convince Burch a/o ASW that there's still something new and exciting to be done with the franchise. That's how we got both EVO and EVN, as far as I understand these things.

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The achievements of every other forum member dwindle in comparison. That stuff is absolutely incredible!

Wow. Those graphics are breathtaking. While here I am piddling along on good old (very old) Mechanisto.

I tip my hat to you, sir.

That is amazing. Keep it up.

Bravo sir, to you and your team. I shall look forward to your TC with much anticipation.

Also, your site does not work for me, either, and I am on Safari. This is sad, as I would very much like to see it.

There's no site yet- we're planning on throwing something together soon, though.

For the other questions, I'll leave it to Verb to answer them :).

Thank you everyone for your compliments. I hope I can answer everyone's questions sufficiently.

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Voinians eh? Is this related to EVO?

Revenant is a complete re-imagining of the scenario for Escape Velocity: Override (EVO). And it has a richer, far darker and more complex Universe. All aspects of the game and backstories have been thoroughly re-thought, and only a (VERY) small portion are recognizable as being derived from EVO. The missions and story lines are strikingly different than in EVO's. I've essentially taken a lot of the aspects that I liked and thrown my own twist on them (and continued twisting until I realized I had made something completely different than what I started with). There is tons of exploration and a very expansive universe with many discoveries to be made. The game's missions will branch and change depending on your decisions and performance, each with drastically different outcomes.

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####! As a graphics dude, I am drooling. How'd you do that?!?

Well, I started off using Bryce and Photoshop. Many of the ships you see used a combination of the two. I switched over to an old copy of Lightwave 8 a while back (god bless student discounts.)

a lot of people said:

How much needs to be done?

There is still quite a lot of work to be done. That being said, much of the game has been planned out in detail. We still have a decent amount of graphics to finish, as well as programing. No missions have been programmed yet (although we have a very good idea of what we're going to be doing). A majority of the spob graphics have been completed, as well as a workable portion of the universe. All standard (non-mission altered) systems are in place, although a lot still need stats/spobs entered. All the weapons and weapon graphics are essentially done (as well as outfits for them). The current game files weigh in at 126MB.

We've made quite a lot of headway, and are actually starting to pick up the pace. I'm ready to get this thing finished. 😄

One of the big questions of me and the other die-hard EV:O gamers: Will the original storylines still exist?

Me, I've always wanted to start off from the very beginning, and work my way until nothing of the Voinian Empire remains standing.

This is quite wonderful, I wish you the best of luck as you continue. 😄

stunned ...That looks very enticing. Keep up the good work.

I find your graphics are amazing. Hopefully the gameplay will be good too. As I said, keep up the good work.

@warlord-mike, on Jan 17 2008, 12:38 AM, said in Revenant:

One of the big questions of me and the other die-hard EV:O gamers: Will the original storylines still exist?

Only some basic concepts from EVO remain. As much as I love the game, I wanted to make something that was new and unique, so none of the old characters or storylines are in Revenant. That being said, many of the ideas do remain, and there are still many nods to the old game.

The very basic conflicts (Human vs Voinians, the Strand war, the Zachit and the North Tip pirates etc.) still exist. Essentially, those conflicts are where I've worked from. Why those conflicts exist and the cultures and history of the races involved have changed or been drastically expanded upon. There are many new cultures (major and minor) that have been introduced and many more nuances to the galaxy that have been added. But in the end you still get to fight the Voinians and you can still pick sides in the Strand war. The outcomes are dramatic and (in the opinions that I've gathered from people that know about it) far more epic. And it's my hope that it will leave some players going "holy crap!" (in a good way :p)

Many of the old ships exist, albeit redesigned. On top of that though, there are many more ships. In the screenshot above for instance, there's what appears to be a UE Destroyer being attacked by UE Fighters. The actual ships are the UNE Gladius, Arrowhead Fighter, and Spearhead Bomber.

Both UE Research & Development and I are huge EVO fans, so I hope that other fans will be as exited about this thing as we are. There's no pleasing everybody, but I do hope that what we've done will be a fun experience for both old EVO fans and newcomers alike. The best thing I can say when anticipating Revenant is to not go into it expecting a remake of EVO, but rather a new beast that seems strangely familiar--like a distant memory. 🙂

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