Levo Spaceport RPG

This post was created to serve as a sort of "bar" type RPG but for more serious Role Players. This system has rules and a battle system designed to try and keep the setting realistic to EV standards. This is for people who would like to play in charicter without the ridiculous spamming, mass killing, regenerations, and fleets of a billion.


Spaceport Rules:
1. Levo cannot be attacked.
3. Players cannot kill other players within the spaceport.
4. Players may use escape pods but random regenerations are prohibited.
5. Use a charicter that is realistic to EV standards. Stay in-charicter as much as possible.
6. If commenting OOC, please surround comment with these: )( )(

Battle rules:
1. Players can fight other players OR party to fight NPC's.
2. Each player is allowed 6 escorts maximum.
3. Ships must be realistic to EV standards.
4. For engagements, each player is allowed one post to state ships and strategy. ONLY A JUDGE MAY DETERMINE THE OUTCOME OF THE BATTLE. JUDGES ARE NUETRAL.

Current Judges:
1. Tempest
2. SilverDragon

RANK: Captain

Tempest walked across the large landing platform that was currently empty but would soon be filled with merchants and military officials alike. He passed the trade center and stopped in quickly at the guard station to put on his jacket which held the markings of the Levo spaceport militia.  
Once suited up, he walked inside of the operations center and towards the large Levo bar. It held seating for many but was empty and quiet... for the moment. He sat at the nearest bar stool. "Synthahal, please." The bartender moved quickly and filled tempest a glass. It was forbidden for him to drink while on duty, but nobody had arrived yet, so he figured "whats the harm?"   
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Skyblade (codename), a military operative working under the Rebellion Intelligence Bureau, quietly sipped his drink in a dark corner of Levo's primary bar. He had been dispatched to Levo as part of an effort by the Rebellion to establish an alliance with the system, but so far peace talks were not going well - Levo was intent on keeping its independence from the raging civil war around them. With political talks falling apart, Skyblade's mission had changed - his mission was now to be on the watch for any kind of activity between the Levo and Confederation governments. During the peace negotiations, the representatives of Levo had made some remarks that seemed to imply their sympathy towards the Confederation war effort. Although basically excluded from the war, the Rebellion was somewhat skeptical of Levo's intentions - some traders that often visited the system claimed that cargo vessels disguised as independent freighters were supplying the Confederation with war materials and other supplies vital to their well-being. As a result, the RIB had dispatched twelve of their top agents to the system. Levo had ended the political side of the talks with a sense of hostility towards the Rebellion, and therefore the RIB agents were in a somewhat dangerous situation. Should they be identified, it would mean certain trouble.

Skyblade eyed Tempest and a few other visitors for a moment, and then quietly krept off to the nearby hanger where he had left his ship - a heavilly-modified corvette painted black. He entered the corvette, codenamed "TritonBlade 101," and began a code transfer to RIB headquarters via a secure channel.

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Bob Penguin Sits in the bar drinking a nibos. Penguins comrades say that he is a fighter with "too much money." Wich is true. Penguin eyes the barkeep and then goes to his heavely modyfyed rebel cruiser. The Cruiser is called the "XXX Club." It has 50 Manta light fighters and the sheild of a fleet of cruisers. It is painted Snot Green to sicken his adversaries in to running. The XXX Club has the following stats:
Sheild: 4000
Armor: 50
Wepons: 2 Missle racks 25 missles. 2 Torp launchers 35 Torps. 2 Jav pods 1000 Jav rockets. 1 Cloaking device. 25 Manta Bays 50 Manta Light Fighters.

XXXL Club's stats: Got Killed: Once. Killed: 45 Corvetes, 12 Keastrals, 31 Confed Frigates, 12 Confed Cruisers, 45 Raipers.
Bob Penguins stats: Killed: 54 Corvetes, 22 Keastrals, 41 Confed Frigates, 15 Confed Cruisers, 50 Raipers.
Bob goes to the Outfitters where the XXX Club is being retrofitted. "Hey, Hows it comin'?" Bob asks the Outtfiter. "It is comeing along Great. Your sheild capasity are raising but it ill take 12 Posts to get it in. and your escourts their being outfitted with missles all the way as well as Lightnings." He replys. "Great!" Then Bob walks over to the shipbuliders. Bob places an order to start construction on a escourt carrier. "That'll take 14 posts to bulid." Penguin enters the XXX club and trys out the new neutron cannon.
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Tempest stood up from his stool and made his way to the nearest window. It was a clear day. Considering the political talks that were taking place it was hard to believe that so few people were relaxing in the bar during the council's recess. Tempest looked briefly towards the hangar. A few light freighters were scattered about and a beauty of a Corvette but no executive transports in sight. Noticing that there was a holo-imager hanging on the wall he decided to change the channel to the Galactic News. Perhaps there would be news of the conference. A blonde news reporter appeared on screen and began her newcast...

"The conference and Levo has come to a stale-mate today as the Levo government refuses to change its current position on intergalactic alliances. So far Levo has made all efforts to be un-biased to the Confederacy and the Rebellion but it is speculated at this time that Levo may be leaning towards the Confederacy to make trade agreements."

On screen can be seen the Prime Minister of Levo walking swiftly through a crowd of media, followed by Holo-photographers flashing and recording away. Reporters don't hesistate to shove their microphones in his face and question away.
Reporter- "Prime Minister, which side on the warring groups is Levo more lenient to?"
Prime Minister- "Levo is nuetral and completely un-biased."
Reporter- "Is it true that Levo may be negotiating trade agreements with the Confederacy?"
Prime Minister- "I won't answer any more questions at this time..."

He then quickly passes a wall of guards who forcefully stop the media circus in their tracks and enters the senate building.


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() Tempist How do we battle?()

Penguin walks over to the holo-emiter and sends a message to skyblade:

To: Skyblade
From Bob Penguin
Subject: A Fight
Priorty: High
Encryption: High
Skyblade, I challange you to a fight. Meet me on docking platform 1445 in 14 posts

Then penguin walks to the bar
Sheild Raiser ETA: 10 Posts
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"You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose. But you cant pick your friends nose."- Me

)( Penguin: Read battle rules in my first post. You basically each get a post to state your attack strategy. A judge would then decide who would win considering all the EV factors realistically. )(

Tempest makes his way towards the outside landing pad area, eyeing Penguin on his way out. This one might be like a trouble maker. As he reached the landing pad guard house he check the space roster on his Comm Pad. The Rebel Cruiser that is occupying 2 spaces apparently belongs to a Mr. Penguin. Most likely a Rebel. He then checks the reserved roster and sees a reserved space for an Escort Carrier, also property of Lone Penguin. Tempest wonders why rebel warships seem to be gathering here... The black Corvette in the hangar belongs to a Skyblade. Occupation is unlisted. Still a nice ship.

Them before he can finish the list, Tempest notices a drunken merhcnat captain in the bar who refuses to pay his tab. "Back to the my usual work," he says as he pulls out his laser pistol, set to the security stun setting...


Skyblade read the message with a blank look on his face - "What next? An invitation to the local circus? I don't think this guy realizes what my real job is..."

With a laugh, Skyblade trashes the message but thinks he may go ahead with the fight should time permit. 😉

Skyblade watched the television newscast with dissatisfaction. Every time a camera managed to get a good shot at the prime minister's face, Skyblade's expression turned to one of distaste.

"Levo is nuetral and completely un-biased."

"You're lying through your teeth," Skyblade said aloud as the replies from questions emerged for the curious reporters. "You've pretty much trashed your good reputation as far as the Rebellion is concerned."

"Is it true that Levo may be negotiating trade agreements with the Confederacy?"

"I won't answer any more questions at this time..."

Skyblade about spit the liquid from his soft drink out across the floor. He again gave the screen a negative look.

"Ah yes, too busy working trade agreements with the Confederation to answer anymore questions, right?"

Skyblade flipped the television off and paced around the small lounge room of his corvette. He headed for his communications computer on the bridge, and with a verbal command activated it (through extreme upgrades by the Rebellion, the Triton StarBlade is easilly operated by one person).

"Computer, fetch a secure comm channel to agent Foxfire, RIB unit number 001583C."

After placing his eye in a security retina scanner, the computer went through with Skyblade's order.

"Firefox, this is Skyblade. What have you got?"

"Give me a sec... let me get into my private room. Too many people around."

After a few moments, Skyblade heard the close of a door and Firefox went on.

"I haven't found any visual evidence of support for the Confederation as far as the Levo government is concerned, but the last interviews with the Prime Minister really has me skeptical."

"So you were watching too," Skyblade replied. "I was thinking precisely the same thing. I've got good reason to believe the guy is simply trying to keep the Rebellion off his back until a complete alliance is formed between Levo and the Confederation."

"I wouldn't go so far as to say that at the present time," Firefox cut in, "but I certainly don't think Levo is as neutral as they claim to be. If we have any hopes for the Rebellion to get an accurate report on our situation, we must dig up some evidence soon. Otherwise we'll lose support from High Command, and our operation will be history."

"Agreed, Firefox - it's about time we move and give RIB headquarters some answers. What's your current location? We need to meet up within a few hours."

"I'm currently in the storage compartment of my ship, which is located in hanger 12 of sector 2 - western side of the city."

"I'll meet you there at 22:00 hours. Be ready to move for some recon business."

"Roger that Skyblade. Over and out."

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Skyblade grabbed his heavy overcoat and wrapped it around his shoulders to not only assist in hiding his identity but to shield him from the torrents of rain that were now falling. The sky was dark with thick clouds, and the normal daylight that was around at this time was hidden.

Grabbing a hover-taxi that was nearby, Skyblade ordered the driver to head towards sector 2 of the city. The driver was anything but happy to have a soaked passenger getting water throughout his vehicle.

"This will do," Skyblade told the driver as he pulled into the outer portions of sector 2.

After handing the driver a small credit chip, Skyblade pulled himself out of the taxi and began walking down the dark corners of a street.

"Hanger 12," he told himself silently. "About six more blocks."

Just as he walked by an empty cross-road and into another dark street, Skyblade heard what sounded like a whisper from behind two small buildings up ahead.

Skyblade paused for a second and continued as a slower pace.

Yet more sounds came from the buildings, and it was much like the conversation of military troops.

"Who's there?" Skyblade said as he stopped in his tracks.

When he received no response, he slowly drew the light blaster pistol hidden underneath his coat. "Who's there," he repeated.

Suddenly came a small patrol of Levo government soldiers rushing around the corners and towards Skyblade.

Skyblade wasn't sure how to react: he couldn't shoot them, as it could mean serious trouble for his true identity.

"Put down your weapon!" On of the troopers yelled as they came closer.

Skyblade threw his pistol on the ground as two of the soldiers grabbed him by the arm.

"We've got him," the lead trooper said via a radio transmitter. "We have the agent in our hands."

"Just what do you-"

Skyblade's angry question was interrupted by a sharp slap against the side of his head.

"You might as well keep your mouth shut. It will only get you in more trouble."

"I demand to know what's going on here!" Skyblade said in an angry retort.

One of the guards again raised his arm to strike him, but Skyblade had had enough. He forced himself away from the two men holding him and delievered a sharp blow against one of the trooper's face. The other guard rushed him from behind, and Skyblade forced the man over his back and on top of the fallen guard.

During this time the other six troopers in the patrol had surrounded him. Once Skyblade had forced the two guards on the ground with bleeding faces, the leader pointed his weapon at Skyblade's face.

"Give it up, agent Skyblade. We know who you are, so let's not play 'let's pretend.'"

Skyblade was then shot with a stunner from behind, and fell to the ground unconscious.

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The sun slowly set over the mountains and not before long the night guard came to relieve Tempest of his post at the Spacedock. Tempest grabbed the nearest Hover-taxi and started heading towards the Militia Precinct 225.

Apon arrival, he was immediately checked for ID by several unfamiliar militia personell. "Sorry sir, we can't let you in. This building is under use by the Levo government for the duration of the Conference. Prime Minister's orders."

"I work here, I just need to get in there and grab some stuff from my locker before I head home tonight. There is no need for the security measures here," replied Tempest.

"Very well, you got 10 minutes. No longer," said the second guard.

Tempest walked up the cement stairs of the old building and entered. It wqas alot quieter than usual inside. He passed a room of cubicals that is usually filled with busy workers all day long, but now is strangly empty. He was about to turn into the locker room when he noticed several armed military soldiers dragging a man into an interrogation room. The unconciense person resembled someone he had seen earlier...that Skyblade fellow. tempest decided to see what was going. He was about to enter the room when he was grabbed by both his shoulders by 2 soldiers and held back.

"No, no, hotshot, you aren't going in there. This room is restricted," said the first guard.

"I'm authorized as a militia officer and I demand that you..." But was cut off before he could finish his sentence.

"Settle down, Tempest. You have no bussiness here. You may have been a hotshot pilot before but you're a nothing now! So why dont't ya go back to patroling your bar!"

Both guards burst into a mocking laughter. Tempest ripped himself away from their grasp and walked back towards the locker room to gather his things...



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That evening on docking bay 2192 a lone Argosy sets down. It is the Praetor's Fist belonging to one BdoggMcCoy. He is well known throughout this universe and others as being an arbitor, one neutral in all situations. One who fights to maintain the status quo.

BdoggMcCoy enters the bar and orders a synthale. His eyes focus on the trouble that seems to be taking place right outside the bar.

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Penguin decides to see what all the lights are in the ally parrallel to the hanger. penguin gets into a specily modyfyed and heavly armored workpod and sets out. As he is about to get there penguin rembers that the militia wanted these LuxGoods so he puts them in a fake air vent and takes off. Penguin decides to fly around because he is new to Levo. After takeing in the sights penguin heads back to the Hanager(I Love My Ship). penguin checks on the sheilds.

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The Nirvana , a highly upgraded Kestrel, glides smoothly into the dock. She was purchased on Earth some ten months ago, and since then she has been upgraded with some of the best equipment in the galaxy- including a prototype Rebel "cloaking device." Her captain, Luke, is one of the wealthiest merceneries in recent times. Lately he has been working for the Rebellion, more because the pay is good than anything else. He manages to keep his record at least mostly clean in most systems by killing lots of pesky pirates. The Nirvana is escorted by six other, less impressive Kestrels. Together they make one of the most intimidating fleets not led by a major government. Currently Luke is not on any job, and he hopes that he can get work at the Levo spaceport bar.

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Tempest returns to work the next day and relieves the night guard at the spaceport. While zipping up his coat and buttoning on his rank insignia, he walks into the bar. He walks past Luke on his way over to the landing roster pad. He glances at the pad and then back at Luke. "Those are some heavy duty ships ya got there. Not a bad way to spend 10 Million credits," Tempest said to him with a chuckle.

He continued down the list and saw that captain Skyblade's Corvette was still in the same hangar. Something was going on. No information was showed on the captain, other than what ship he flew. Deciding to see what was going one, Tempest moved to the Holo-Vision and activated it.

On screen was the conference. A huge table could be seen that sat 20 Confederates and 20 Rebels on each side of the table with the Prime Minister at the end. Both sides were almost out of their seats screaming at the opposite side. The militia officers had an uneasy look as they held their weapons ready to stun if a fight broke out. The Prime Minister just sat in the middle of it all, expressionless.


Bdogg quickly talked into his commlink to his ship, "Commander, get the ship ready for depature. It is as I suspected, government authority on Levo is rapidly deteriorating, both the Confeds and the Rebels. We can monitor the situation from orbit but my presance here causes a disturbance."

"Aye sir, startup procedures on-line. Wait, long range sensors are reading a Confederate Crusier Entering the Levo system. Initiating rapid startup" Bdogg ran as fast as he could towards the docking bay.

Rubber Ducks?!? you've got to be f***in' kidding me!!!
-Man on the street

Bob calls Luke. "Luke why can't i get away from you? Any way i need your help. There is a confede entering the system, I'ts a Cruiser, Lightly damaged from my mantas. I want you to go up there and turn it in to dust. i'll Pay you 100,000M credits if you win."

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Tempest sat quiety in the guardhouse, performing his usual, boring duties when the Spaceport Klaxon sounded. A voice came loudly over the PA system, "YELLOW ALERT, ALL MILITIA PERSONELL TO THEIR SHIPS, REPEAT, YELLOW ALERT!"

Tempest immediatley jumped to his feet. He didn't plan on sitting aound while something big was happening. He dashed out of the guard house and made a quick sprint to the hangar. He made his way to the back corner where something was covered in a tarp and had obviously been sitting there for awhile considering all the dust that had gathered on it.

Tempest grabbed the tarp and gave a hard tug which pulled it away, revealing a beaten up old Defender. It had been fitted with a Blue a white coating of Duraplast armor as well as a flare launcher and escape pod. The hyperspace fuel tanks had been removed to provide the extra 2 tons of space, making this ship a perminant in-system interceptor.

On the side of the hull was "Militia Fighter 288, Cpt. Tempest" written in Large blue lettering.

Tempest hopped in and started up the engine with a sputter. The canopy closed and soon the thrusters were firing and the ship was airborne. He flew it smoothly out of the hanger and then made a burst of speed towards Levo orbit.

As the atmospheric colors cleared and the black of space was visible, Tempest turned the ship hard to starboard and saw the large Confederate Cruiser having a stare down with another, equally large, Rebel Cruiser. The only thing preventing the current situation from exploding into a fight was the fact that every available Levo militia ship had stationed themselves between the 2 large war vessels.

Tempest monitored the comm station as he put himself in postion between the Cruisers like the other ships...

Militia Ship 483- "War Vessels, please stand down. This is a neutral port and is conducting sensative peace talks."

Rebel Cruiser- "Tell that Confederate pig to stand down first."
Confederate Cruiser- "Tell that Rebel scum to leave this system."

Militia Fighter 990- "Both vessels, cease hostilities and leave this system immediately!"

Every militia officer out there knew that none of us had the firepower to stop a fight between 2 cruisers. All we could do is wait...


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Skyblade regained consciousness and could hear the chatter of Levo troopers around him. A sharp pain throbbed on the back of his head, and his joints were aching from the results of a heavy stunner blast. He opened his eyes and found that he was lying on the floor in the middle of a room with metal walls and a thick door with an advanced security system. Five guards were stairing at him with grim looks.

"Welcome to our interrogation room, agent Skyblade. The Levo government sends its kindest regards."

"Kind indeed," Skyblade replied as he felt the dried blood that matted the back of his head. "Tell me, why have you brought me here?"

"Our communications experts intercepted your radio transmission with a buddy of yours, who we assume is also another agent working for the Rebellion. What was his codename, Firefox or something?"

The guard's expression turned to a smile as he witnessed the shock on your face.

Skyblade knew he had been caught, but didn't care to share anything extra as far as his identity was concerned.

"May I ask why the Levo military has forced me into custody? From my knowledge, Levo and the Rebellion are still under a peace agreement... should High Command find out about this, it could mean trouble."

"Not to worry," the guard responded, "They won't find out. That's why we're making sure you don't leave this place."

Skyblade again was surprised by what he was hearing, and took a moment to run through his thoughts.

"Has Levo formed any trade or alliance agreements with the Confederation?"

The lead interrogator, a tall major, was slow in responding.

"Our agreements with the Confederation are no more extensive then that with the Rebellion. Levo is independent, and you're simply here to cause us trouble."

A sudden thought hit Skyblade, and he shot his question out as soon as it came.

"Let me ask," Skyblade said, "how your communications experts were able to track my channel? Rebel comm units are some of the most advanced known to mankind, and we know that only the Confederation has managed to successfully crack a fraction of our RIB frequencies."

The look on the guard's face froze as he listened to Skyblade.

"The only way you could have managed to intercept my message is through contact with the Confederation. Tell me, have your friends from the core worlds given you information to assist you in war efforts against the Rebellion?"

The guards around Skyblade began to raise themselves from their seats and an expression of alarm was seen on every face. Skyblade knew he had found an important piece of evidence.

"Your act of hostility against a member of the RIB is now completely clear. You're aiding the Confederation, and nothing-"

Skyblade was cut off when he was again shot with a stunner. As he slumped to the floor, the guards began to bind him with wires and placed him in a metal coffin-like box for transfer.

"He knows what's going on," the major said to his men. "He must be taken to Outpost 16 for interrogation with the higher authorities. Call in a top-security patrol team and have my request executed immediately."

Soon the locked metal block which contained Skyblade was placed in a Levo hover military vehicle and began to speed off for Outpost 16 - the highest security prison on Levo. An escort of 100 troops on speeder bikes and land cruisers escorted the craft, and soon the fifteen-minute trip was complete.

Skyblade again awoke in a small cell, but this time he was alone. He could hear the steady pace of military guards as they patrolled the halls of the 23rd-century fortress...

"What about Firefox?" Skyblade thought to himself. "He gave up his position during our radio transmission. They have probably caught him also."

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