Onyx's shipyard

I can't seem to find any working links to Onyx's shipyard. I was wondering anyone knows where else I could find it or if they could email it to me?

Do you still have your Gmail account?

I can mail you 95% of his ships in rle format with shans, you'd have to change the shan names though, of course πŸ˜‰

You would have to mail it in 16 meg or so chunks.

Nah, they're only several meg uncompressed.
He gave me permission to distribute them, but I don't know if he would be cool with me making them generally available online; or I would host them on my website.

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Fine by me if you distribute them from your website. My copy is long gone.


I'll put up the compressed set of RLE's and target/smallshipyard pics ASApractical and drop a link in the FAQs.

Long time no see, Onyx!

I have Onyx's original html for the site if either of you (rmx & Onyx) want it, along with all his graphics in their original (non-RLE) formats. My PM account is maxed out, but I'm reachable by email.

EDIT: Just tested -- Yup, the shipyard page comes up beautifully from my hard drive, with all graphics intact.

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Could somoen send me the Rle format ships please? And Onyx, would it be alright if i used them in my plugin? I have a few of my own, but they're high detail scout ships and the like, and I can't figure out how to get the engine graphic to work.

So wait, sombody can now host that site in its original form, no less? Sounds pretty good to me, although I'd like to edit some of the text on the page to reflect current realities. I have some server space I could host it on, but if someone else is willing to manage it that would be fine by me.

chronodrago and others asking the same question: You can absolutely use the graphics in your plugin. That's what they're for, after all. I only ask that you don't claim to have made the graphics yourself.

Also, if anyone modifies them (for instance, adds running lights or engine glows, changes colors or sizes), that is totally cool with me. You could even re-distribute modified files, so long as somewhere the originals are intact and, as above, you don't claim to have made the base graphic.

Realistically I don't have any control over people's claims, of course, but I think it'd be dang foolish of someone to lie about that.

So anyway, Dr. Trowel, could you send me in some way that old, crufty HTML? We should get this thing up in the next couple days.

Dr. Trowel- in the event that you send me the original HTML I can have it up in no time flat. Otherwise I can have a new little pagelet and most of the ships and outfit images up in a week (I'm insulating the attic this weekend and may not have time to write a full page in HTML). I have the original ResEdit files for most of the ships and all of the outfits, and the RLE'd ships and the outfits moved to a 200*200 format (unfortunately not lasiked first) but I would much rather host the original files than what I modified for my own personal use.

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Cool, i would offer to upload it to a site i have for uploading, but it freezes after about 1-2mb. Does anyone know a good clean site where i can host large files for free, becuase if i post a beta of my plugin, ill never get it up on that website.

Onyx & rmx256: I've just emailed both of you at the addresses you have on record for these boards. The shipyard zip archive is 3.8 MB; if you want me to email it to you, you'll have to respond to my email so I can learn your addresses. As to who hosts, what changes are made to the HTML, and what versions of the files go up, you'll have to work that out between yourselves. Personally, I'd like to see both Onyx's RLEs and Onyx's PICT resources be made available -- but if you don't want to do that, that's up to you.

Hm. Onyx, my email to you just got returned. Email me via the form accessible on my profile page if you want to proceed.... Or just give me the go-ahead to put the archive up temporarily on my server space and post a link in this thread so you & rmx (and anyone else following along, for better or worse) can download it from there.

Man, Onyx is here? How awesome!

This, ladies and gents, is one of the very few gents who makes me utterly jealous of his shipwrighting ability. πŸ™‚

Lol πŸ˜„
Hows it goin Pipeline?

And now, about those ship graphics.....


This is a raw mirror of Onyx's old site- if he provides me with any changes I will be certain to make them (bows).

I'll add the RLEs when I get a chance... Untill then...

Wow, those are nice! Don't suppose Onyx still has the models?

No, he does not. Sorry!

But here is a little hack that Onyx has proposed to add engine flares to his models.

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Those look awesome! But until a windows version is up, ill just work on some other parts of my plugin. πŸ˜„ Take your time...

Let me be specific: there will be no 'windows version.' These are plain old spin 'pict's, from EV time immemorial, nothing complicated or really Mac-specific AFAIK. These are being provided for now 'as-is', with the problem with having the RLEs up right now being space constraints on that server. When I get the RLEs up that will be the closest thing to a 'windows version' that I plan to have, unless Onyx requests otherwise πŸ™‚

Ah, well that was sort of what i was reffering to when i said windows version. ATM, i really dont want to have to go through importing pictures into EVNEW. Its taken over 4 hours just to render, convert to png, photoshop, spinapp, and then importing. So im done with importing for the day, ill just wait till the RLE is posted.

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