TC I will call Deus Ex Machina

I have been thinking up this plugin for a while now since I played every TC and plug for Nova. I hope to finally finish it soon so I can move on to others. I only recently acquired the tools I need to produce the sprites I needed and that will greatly improve the quantity and quality of plugins I can create. Anyway, here is the intro screen for the Empire version of Dues Ex Machina.

The Solesian Empire has been around since 2029 when after a disastrous climate change event where much of the ruling powers were weakened, a visionary discovered the secrets of antigravity. This person by the name of Gabriel Rufino leveraged his popularity, fame and fortune into positions of power. Under his leadership humanity reached the Moon and set up cities and within 20 years terraformed Mars. He then created an empire which would stretch across 20 systems and last unchanged for 300 years. This prosperity came to an end when a group of rebels in the rich outer edges of the Carlos sector united, and with the help of incredibly advanced technology they somehow obtained, seceded from the empire in a bloody revolution. They now call themselves the Terran Alliance. We have been at war ever since and with the help of the discoveries made on Mars we will soon defeat and subjugate these cretins.
Another point in our favor is our alliance with the crude but effective warriors known as the Herkon. They came into our space from the galactic west and tried to invade us but were soundly beaten. When they surrendered they explained that they were chased from their homes by some sort of space-faring creatures. I myself have not heard anything of this and don't believe such things exist but the emperor must have because in an unbelievable show of generosity he granted them the empty planets of the Angel nebula in the galactic south. This decision caused him grief in the form of riots by the eager colonists that were supposed to go there but it guaranteed the loyalty of the Herkon and now they valiantly fight the Alliance along with us.
To the galactic north lie the worlds of the hated Renegades. These bastards attack our shipping and worlds like pirates and are surprisingly well equipped. We suspect that the Alliance is funding them. Last but not least in the middle of the conflict between the Alliance, the Renegades and us lies the quaint little planet of Independence. The people of this planet bought the rights to the system from Julio III when our colony there was hit by a massive asteroid shower and was destroyed. It acts as a buffer zone and allows trade from all parties remaining neutral in all disputes. I consider it a den of spies and thieves and I am convinced the Renegades got our plans for the Direfox Corvette from someone on that world. If it were up to me we would conquer that world for the glory of the empire and be done with this autonomy nonsense.
This is the universe you are entering into son, so be careful. Oh yeah, there are rumors of strange things out there. Most of them are hyperbole or ignorance but if you ever see a giant tree out in space turn around and haul ass out of there, I'm not kidding.
Well, that’s it, you may go and may the emperor's graces go with you.

This would be accompanied by pictures of the wars and worlds and followed by the introduction in space.

Here are some pictures of my progress.

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I can't promise that it will be better than nova but it will be out there at least. It will come in several installments each based on the point of view of a member of a certain species or faction.

Allaince Missile Frigate
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I really like this idea. The ship graphics look cool, but the yellow is a little too bright. Anyway this is awesome, as far as I can tell. And, it doesn't have to be as good as Nova, it isn't supposed to be. If you go back a page or two, there's a topic called "State of the Nova TC". Take a look. Or take a look at other TC's in production.

Bravo for not posting until you had something to post. This looks totally awesome.

Bravo for not posting until you had something to post. This looks totally awesome.

I've been adding content and finishing up the descriptions. I have a problem though. I don't know the number of the desc id for the intro at the start just after you start the game and create your pilot. Can anybody tell me what that is?

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Actually, that particular dÍsc can be any ID you want it to be. Just pick one (as long as it's not used by something else) and have the chär resource point to it. At least, that's how it works in MacNova. I'm not entirely sure it's the same in WinNova, but I see no reason it would be different.

I've run into a problem now that I've started to put in sounds. The framerate or something goes to 2X and everything runs too fast. Does anybody know how to fix this? Do I need to cut the sounds short? I used ones from nova and the same thing happened.

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As you can see the 2x is on the top left corner. At that speed things get a little too crazy.

You must have hit the caps lock, which makes everything go at double speed. Just turn off capslock and it should return to normal.

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No its not the CapsLock. I thought that at first but hitting it again and again had no effect. The game goes back to normal speed whenever nobody is firing weapons and adding weapon sounds was the last thing I did before the problem started.

Ah, I see. If you remove the weapon sounds, does the problem persist?

It's the lack of snd resource 128 I belive...
Or maybe 129...
Something like that anyways.

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If I take them off it runs normally.

QUOTE (Sp3cies @ Dec 13 2010, 07:31 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

It's the lack of snd resource 128 I belive...
Or maybe 129...
Something like that anyways.

Is that the hyperjump out sound?

Thank you. Adding the jump sounds fixed the problem.

Just a little update on my progress so far. I've got most of the planets and stations in as well as most of the military ships. I'm testing the balance right now as well as the first few missions I've created.

Some Pictures

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The green ships are Herkon ships. They focus on fast ships armed with mass drivers and lazer beams and love close range slugfests.

Also my version of the Renegades having just blown my ship to pieces. The boxy thing is an automated weapons platform and I own my demise mostly to it.

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Hey rafy23, this project still going?

Yeah actually, but I'm having trouble setting up the missions and getting them to go right. I also got sidetracked because I finally figured out the hod editor for Homeworld 2 so I put my ships in and have been having a blast destroying the stock races with my universe ships. I'm getting back into it though.

This is what got me sidetracked
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Also Here is the History of the my Universe

In the begining, there was a species that evolved in the universe billions of years ago and advanced until they colonized a good portion of it. They could go anywhere, do anything with their powerful ships and even snuff out suns with their wondrous technology.
The only problem for them was an utter boredom because they hadn't yet found any sentient life beside themselves. There was simple life everywhere from microscopic bacteria to giant, twenty meter tall creatures but none of them capable of reason or capable of providing a different point of view then theirs.
They found a solution to this problem by deciding to uplift species they deemed worthy. They found many species with unique aspects and abilities and then created uplift probes to travel to their planets and uplift the species with nanotech mutations and other genetic manipulations.
Having found the solution to that problem they decided to wait for their new friends and neighbors to mature and pondered the meaning of life and conciousness as well as other metaphysical realms. With all aproximately 900 trillion members of the species focused on this area they soon learned a way to transcend the physical form and become consiousness in energy form.
They mostly forgot their creations and decided to explore their newly found realm except for some that felt they owed the new generation of species some supervision and care.
While this species, which we will from now on call the Makers , was ascending to new heights, one of their creations was also on a meteoric rise. When the Makers found them they were a race of insects living in close symbiosis with the plants on their homeworld. The trees provided them shelter and food and the insects provided them protection from plant eating animals. The Makers enhanced both species symbiosis with telepathy and psychokinetic abilities. They also enhanced the intelligence of both species until the insects were sentient and the trees were pre-sentient.
They cooperated to tailor their environments using the plants's natural abilities at custom adaptation to create chemicals, compounds and other elements. These abilities were refined to the point where the insects could shape the trees and the other plants on the planet to anything they wanted with the help of the trees involved. They created cities made of trees and even tailored vehicles from the plants on the planet. They continued to advance until they decided to colonize space. They evolved some trees to withstand the void of space and to propel themselves as well as supports the crews inside them.
This ability to engineer the plants on their planets with such precision and the bond that made this happen gave both species immense pride and in time they began to feel that every other form of life was inferior and thus should be destroyed. They began to call themselves the Siv Rel which in their language meant "perfect beings in union". They destroyed any species they found and took over their systems.
When the few Makers that remained in the universe returned their attention to their creations they were in horror. Most of them had already departed this realm taking most traces of the species with them. They wished to try to persuade the Siv Rel to change their ways and become good again so they showed themselves to them and went to their planet. The Siv Rel could not handle the news that they were a creation and not two species that had evolved together and without any help reached such heights. They attacked the Makers and as they had chosen to remain in the physical realm, a lot were killed. They retreated to their last two outposts and thought about a solution.
They knew that the few remaining members of their species could not fight an entire galactic empire by themselves no matter how advanced they were. Not only that but, the Siv Rel were intensely ideological so they would never surrender to a show of overwhelming force. They decided to just leave this realm but leave behind pieces of their high technology in the care of a select few species that would in time be strong enough to wield these gifts and stop the Siv Rel. After leaving their children their inheritance, they departed this realm and the Makers ceased to exist as a physical species.
As time went on the Siv Rel continued to increase their empire and the various other races continued to advance. Some have met each other and gone to war. Some have peacefully coexisted. Some have met the Siv Rel and been destroyed and some have continued to resist. Some haven't encountered their brothers yet.
The time when the Maker's gifts are needed is almost upon them.

This is the overall story for all the races as they are all a product of the Makers. That includes humanity. The intros for all the races will be different and will explain their individual histories.

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So, basically, God was bored. :laugh:

Don't take it as a criticism -- I've been known to say that in real life. In my more cynical moments, my take on Genesis 1 is:
God: I'm bored. I wonder what happens if I push this button?

  • sun lights up *

God: Hey, that's cool. I think I'll call that "light".

I'm guessing humanity is one of the species to whom the Makers left tech to fight the Siv Rel with, right?

I don't know about God as I haven't created one but yeah, the makers were bored. Humanity is indeed one of the recipients of a gift from the makers although they are not united as a species like the rest.

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