Boozerama Bar XXVI: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Acid Pit...

Return of the Son of the Wife of Boozy

The flames from the recent crash of the old Boozerama Bar flickered menacingly in the moonlight. "OHNOES!" screamed thousands of clichéd damsels in distress, "For but who shall save us now?!"
Rickton dragged (drug?) himself out of the wreckage and looked around. The explosion seemed to have killed all the other patrons, including the evil mastermind who had caused it, none other than The_Cheat. Dazed, Rickton stumbled into a nearby cave and hit his head on the rock.

When he awoke, he saw what could be but a huge cave painting on the wall. His heart raced as he saw that the people in the painting were killing each other. Not only that, but lo and behold, THERE WAS AN ACID PIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR!
"Impossible," said Rickton.


Yay! DE gets the first root beer!

I do not condone this topic, the posters within, nor the acts of violence and/or insanity depicted here in the past, present, and future.

The Cheat picks mrxak up, puts him in a tank and nukes mrxak.

Luke doesn't want to pay a lot for this muffler!

Freq 245 comes and starts to sell flowers. 5˘ per one. Will you buy a flower?? Pleeeaaase!

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Hamster walks in, buys 4.1d flowers, lights them on fire, and urinates on them in a corner.

Several mongeese flap through a window, and begin playing smooth jazz.

Mack sits in the corner on his 17'' PowerBook playing EVN.


I like food

Freq 245 come with his hotdog cart and sell hotdogs and burgers. A hotdog costs 2$ and a burger 5$. But Hamster isn't allowed to buy something of me any longer. If she ( 😛 ) tries it anyway I will call mrxak and he will nuke Hamster on the toilet! (at least I hope so)

Mack is the first to kill Freq 245 in the new bar.

Freq 245 dies screaming.

DE feeds Jimbob.

Matt walks in and sits in a dark corner sipping a martini.

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Don't make me post the Noobkilla! Use grammar Frequency 245 or the usual maximum frequency of wireless microphones. (245mhz)

This Boozerama Bar complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This Boozerama Bar may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this Boozerama Bar must accept any interference received, (except n00bs (not to be confused with newbs)) including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Hamster sets up a pirate radio station, broadcasting sound directly from the Boozerama Bar, all over the greater part of Latvia.

Thousands die tortured deaths.

DE dances to the purty music.

Freq try to dance, too, but he quickly notice that he can't it and go to the bar. He take four cases of beer.

The Cheat smacks Freq, throws him aganst a wall, bites his shin, takes a baseball bat to his 'nads and rounds it all of with The Cheat giving Freq a quick swim in the Acid Pit.

Dash intercepts some interference, which causes some undesired operation.

Ignoring Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dash focusses on other operations, like the fun boardish game that beeps, and another by slapping himself (and his hamster...not to be confused with Hamster), accidentally overshooting a little and slapping Hamster as well, and shouts at himself "No! Not in public."

Dash recoils from the slap into what he hopes is the acid pit.

DE does a cannonball into the acid pit. Go me!