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So I'm making this thread in an attempt to help keep the Delphi thread on topic. If you have creations you want to suggest for use in the Delphi TC, post them here. I asked David Arthur and he said it should be fine as long as the ships are meant to be used in Escape Velocity somehow at some point. That said, if you've made anything using the pieces Delphi provided, but are planning on using it elsewhere and simply want to share it, that should be fine, too.

It doesn't have to be complete. It can be a rough model, like the Sketchup models I've been sharing. You just have to have a ship model and a place to store it online for sharing.

I'll start things off with a standard EV-style shipyard shot of each ship I've made. You see them in this gallery I made on Dropbox. When I make a new ship, I'll place it in this gallery. Here's a list of what's in there now:

  • Aquila Class Light Frigate
  • Bateleur Class Missile Frigate
  • Ceres Class Miner
  • Condor Class Freighter
  • Falcon Class Interceptor
  • Kestrel Class Heavy Frigate
  • Megakestrel Class Carrier
  • Puffin Class Dropship (formerly Ares Class Gunship)
  • Taurus Class Freighter
  • Wyvern Class Battleship

Let the show-offiness begin!

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We need a log in for that DropBox Gallery, mate.

Darth, that's the link to your personal dropbox gallery. Its not a general link. You need to make a public photo album.

Your link is just
That's not a personal link, like this:

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Fixed, thanks for pointing that out.

** Edit:** New ship, the SDS Phoenix. While the Wyvern is DarthKev's starship, the Phoenix is the personal starfighter of Kronos. This is also the first ship I've used Sang in for scale. In this case Sang is supposed to be 6ft tall.

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Small interceptor, as mentioned in this post.

--Sketchup File--

Edit: It's also very likely that it's slightly a-symmetric, as I placed the pieces mostly by eye.

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A mid sized hauler I made. I'm a little unsure about the amount of detail on specific parts but I'm not sure what exactly to do about it.

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QUOTE (Sp3cies @ Jun 20 2010, 08:07 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

A mid sized hauler I made. I'm a little unsure about the amount of detail on specific parts but I'm not sure what exactly to do about it.

Put a third arm on the top of it, and it will be perfect for the enclave! XD

Nice one, Sp3cies! Same goes for Technomancer.

Sp3cies, that looks more like a warship, though, and less like a freighter or hauler. Just sayin'.

Maybe I should add a fin and a couple of guns then... 😛

And a larger warship I put together over the past couple of days... A couple pieces are even my own. 🙂

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That's pretty beastly, Sp3cies. I'd recommend using that one in HOTS, even if it doesn't work as a Starbridge.

Well, I wouldn't be sure where to place it, manticore, and anyway, this thread isn't for me to get ideas from others so much as a place for others to share what they've made. The only thread meant for me to get ideas from others is the HOTS Starbridge Design Contest.

That said, Sp3cies, your warship actually looks more like an armed freighter than the medium hauler does. At least, to me it does. In fact, it looks like something put together hastily as a colony ship. Not to say you did it quickly, I'm talking about its historic background if/when used in a plug-in/TC.

On that note, if you're going to post something here, it'd be a good idea to make sure there's a chance you'll use it in a plug-in or TC. Otherwise, the mods will move this to Just Graphics as it will have become about the art more than about the ships.

Well naturally, as I am using someone else's pieces already and they are openly available to everyone, these designs are more than welcome for other people to use. If you want a Sketchup file I will link it no prob.

If no one uses these I am developing TC of my own anyways in which these ships will most likely be featured so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I just haven't made a thread on it yet cause I don't have much time to work on it.
I have been busy for close to four years and I only have a map and some station graphics done so far... Like most others I'm afraid the game will probably be obsolete before I'm done with the TC but s### it's fun to work on when I can.

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Took oryhara's advice and made an attempt at an Enclavesque revamp of my hauler.
Spent all morning making the fins for this beasty. Pretty chuffed they came out so similar to Delphi's.

Wasn't sure if I should post it here or in the Dephi thread so I figured this would be a safer bet as not to disturb his thread.

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What a beauty, Sp3cies! Looks like a carrier to me. Whatever it's supposed to be classed as, though, it sure looks deadly. Keep it up, man!

As usual, I'm putting screenshots of everything in my gallery, and I'm up to 54 ships in there, so take a look!

Dude, that Tulip ship is strait up tight! I really like the Shuto ships and the Pirate Missileboat as well.

Thanks. The Tulip is actually a luxury liner and the Shuto ships are the first two ships made by Humans capable of interstellar travel.

Say, have you considered entering my contest? I'm still working on a design myself in case no one comes up with anything, but I'm nowhere near building a Starbridge yet.

Oh, brilliant, a challenge. I will try to whip something up.

Edit: Alright here it is...

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Here are 25 roughly (very roughly) scaled ships I've created (loosely based off things I've seen everywhere), in silhouette for your comparing pleasure. Looking at them now, I think they're rough game-scale, though it's hard to determine because I was hoping that several of the frigates would be built around weapons taken from the cruisers and carriers.... Oh well:

Not sure what I'll be using them for yet. I've got some ideas, but for now, it's fun to make tons of ships. I'm starting to outline things though and will hopefully see it go somewhere.

Nice! Especially the IDA and Leviathan remakes! Also, do I spy a Viper-inspired fighter there? By 'Viper' I'm referring to Battlestar Galactica.

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Someone stole the guns off your Nova-Class Dreadnaug- i mean cruiser.

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