Un-Employment thread

Looking for a job?

Do you have a skill? Can you do graphics? Do you understand every nuance of developing for EV:C, EV:O or EV:N? Can you write? Are you un-employed? Let the community know what you can do!
(Post your resume like this:)

Name: nfreader (real name here, if you so choose)

Development platform: EV: Nova (EV: Classic and EV: Override too)

Tools available: Evone, Mission Computer (If you're more graphically inclined, list your programs of choice)

Skills: Writing for anything(preambles, descs, storyline, fiction), nothing worth showing yet, but I can write a little test thing if you would prefer. I also have a basic understanding of creating plugs. Again, nothing to show however. (If you can do graphics, post what you do, and if possible, a link to earlier work.)

Experience: None, yet. (List what projects you have worked on. You can list projects from EV:C, EV:O or EV:N

Availability: All. Large projects, small projects and TC's.

e-mail: studio14@gmail.com
AIM: hatequentin
YIM: nfreader
(Post anyways someone can contact you)
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Name: rmx256

Platform: Nova; Mac (low-end if there ever was one)

Tools: ResEdit/NovaTools, Photoshop 5.5, Mechanisto, MissionComputer (beta tester as well), ProTools, other more extensive sound creation and editing.

Skills: Extensive experience with Mechanisto- from landscapes to ships to buildings to battle mecha (I have learned from the best in the buisiness 🙂 ) with particular work done in mastering procedural shaders. Photoshop 5.5, GKON. All resource types used in the EV3 engine in thier various permutations.

Experience: Kemet: Final Legacy, as well as work on other TCs that seem to have stalled. 6 years music and sound production experience with ProTools and other releated software.

Availability: I am not available for anything untill Kemet is complete.


AIM: rmx256 (good luck)
ASWIRC: rmx256

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Name: Jonas Waage (Modesty_blaise_us)

Development platform: EV Nova; Mac

Tools available:
-bryce 4
-cinema 4D
-mission computer

-I can do graphics, examples here
-Minor coding. Creating ships, weapons and outfits mostly.

- Created some stuff for released and not yet released plugins. This includes Arion's Dark Swarm and Arpia II which is finished. 😛
- I have also made a plugin containing all the starcraft protoss ships. In this plugin i did some minor coding, so i have some experience in that area too.

Availability: Not available, work and thesis taking all my time.

e-mail: jonaswaage@mac.com

MSN: Modesty_blaise_us@hotmail.com(do not mail this adress)

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Name: Rocky Louie (SeattleLightning)

Development Platform: EV Nova PC

Tools Available: EV NEW

Skills: I'm fairly good at creating photomanipulations, I have C programming experience which is turning out to be very helpful in looking for ways to 'outsmart' the existing EVN code...

Experience: Very little... I'm working on a long term plug-in/TC that is approximately 20% done...

Availability: I am enjoying working on EVN and have been devoting several hours a day to this new hobby...

Contact: email (seattlelightning@aol.com)

Name: Zacha Pedro (actual name witheld, as classified)

Development platform: Nova on Mac (EVC and EVO as well, though not active right now)

Tools: ResEdit with or without NovaTools, the other Nova Tools, and some I may craft myself...

Skills: Very high technical skills in plug implementation with all three engines, and experience with going from one to the other (as I had to do). Otherwise, neither graphical, storyline nor writing skills (bar technical documentation...). Also, currently learning Mac programming, if anyone is interested...

Experience: Sketchy. A lot of tests, exsperiments, and so on with the engines, and little plugs that modified things to my will for my own use, but very little released (and none for Nova)

Availability: Not at all right now, sorry. But the main factors for this (need to do more of the annotated templates for the essentials Nova resources, exams at school right now, and current programming project) will fade out soon.

Contact: email or PM through my profile. My email adress is classified.

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Name: Cap'n (Captain) DeBlazio

Developement Platform: Escape Velocity: Nova (PC)

Tools Available: Photoshop 7.1, Macromedia Flash 5, Vector Works 8.0.1, and of course my favorite: MS Word, Notepad, and Wordpad. 🆒 (Can download anything like NovaTools or ResEdit, I have a VERY fast computer)

Skills: Writing about everything and anything. I like writing as a rule and doing Sci-Fi is the best. I can do Preambles, Pers desc, Blob desc, Outfits desc, Ships desc, Chars desc, as well as write a good storyline, integrate sub-plots, and manage anything in between... if you have something that needs writing, i'm your man!

Experiance: None so far, but i'm hoping to change that. 🙂 I've created various small plugs for myself, I have a basic understanding of making plugs (Mostly to do with integrating plot and descriptions into the plug) and I have helped various people in creating/revising thier storyline back in the day of EV Classic.

Availabiltiy: All, but i'd like to work on a large plug-in or even a TC.

E-mail: winter_sturm@hotmail.com
MSN: winter_sturm@hotmail.com
I have AIM but I never use it...

Name: PBoat101

Development platform: Nova mostly, but I'll do Classic and Override, too.

Tools available: ResEdit with NovaTools

Skills: I'll do pretty much anything except the following: graphics (no artistic ability) and syst coding (I can do it, but it's a pain in the butt). I'm pretty good with most resources, but I specialize in writing (anything from small descs to major mission strings)

Experience: I've made a few small plugins for my own purposes, but nothing released yet. I'm working on a TC (20-30% complete).

Availability: I have a lot going on right now, but I might be able to take on a few small projects.

e-mail me through my profile. I've had bad experiences with giving out my address.

Name: Ryuu

Development platform: EV: Nova

Tools available: EVNEW, Microsoft Word

Skills: Writing descs, preambles, basically anything that needs writing, and basic weap, outf and ship resource making.

Experience: None as of now.

Availability: Anything, but some work on a major plugin/TC would be appreciated.

e-mail: dragonshole92GOAWAY@yahoo.com (take out GOAWAY)

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Name: Phyvo

Development platform: EV: Nova, though I could develope for the others if I must.

Tools available: Mission Computer, NovaTools, EVONE trial, Context, Restore, Mechanisto, and the Cheetah3D demo (just for completeness).

Skills: Ok Mechanisto graphics skills (They look good... compared to EVO. They're worse then Nova though), I can do general resource coding, though for advanced use of crons/misns I'd need someone else to help me. I can do story writing if you're desperate (my English teachers seem to like my stories... even though I hate them), and I'm loaded with ideas (especially weapon ones). I'm a Jack of all trades, basically.

Experience: Little. I've worked some on one of my own projects, and have written private plugs, but I haven't... done... much.

Availability: None. My summer has been claimed buy a mysterious person with a TC. DUN DUN DUN Unless it's a very small plug which you could likely do yourself, I probably won't have the time.

e-mail: p!h!y!v!o!@!b!i!l!!l!y!g!o!a!t!!.!o!r!g (Just remove the !s)
AIM: PhyvoDgreat

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Name: fchsjv4 (Drew)

Platform: Nova, (Mac & Windows)

Tools: Appleworks, Microsoft Word

Skills: Writing to the max. It's all I'm good at, but I damn well compensate for my lack of knowledge elsewhere.

Experience: Writing experiance, lots, plug experiance, none yet.

Availability: Small/Large projects, TCs if it's convincing.


AIM: Fchsjv4

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Name: Klepsacovic

Platform: Mac: EVN and the EVC, EVO ports

Tools: Appleworks, Microsoft Word, NovaTools, Mission Computer

Skills: Writing with an emphasis on grammar and spelling. I'm best at ship/outfit descriptions and accompanying histories. Mission descriptions are rusty.

Experience: writing experience and few small EVN plug-ins

Availability: fairly high

Contact: akleps@earthlink.net

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I've more or less retired from EVN development, unfortunately.

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(Edit: I am no-longer developing for the EV community. Aureole is taking all of my free time.)

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Name: Matthew Walker

Development platform: EV: Nova

Tools available: Terragen, Bryce 5, Photoshop CS and Elements

Skills: moderating, network administrator, forum management, graphics design, logo design, terragen, music, photoshop.

Experience: I have experience in moderating, network administrating and forum management, also in graphics and logo design. Some of my work can be seen here. http://photobucket.c...11/MatthewWalk/

Availability: Anytime after 2:00pm and not on sundays

Email: matt@sintle.net
AIM: Mattsintle
YIM: Matt_sintle

Name: Sylvanus

Development platform: EV: Nova (EV: Classic and EV: Override (a little)

Tools available: PC only: EVNEW, Photoshop, Correl, (and maybe cartographer)

Skills: I can write what you need. I can do basic graphic art. I can make nearly anything compatible wiyh anythig else, I can do simple plugs.(spobs, very simple wep, ect.)

Experience: Nothing reliesed. May have one soon.
Availability: Unsure.

e-mail: Sylvanusz5@yahoo.com
AIM: none.
YIM: none.

Name: Wing-of-no-Wing

Development platform: EV: Override on Mac OS X

Tools available: ResEdit, EV-Edit, EVO God, The Docks, Shipwrite, Pilot File Editor, AppleWorks, Microsoft Office.

Skills: Writing for anything; I can also do most of plug-in creation, just not graphics (except for my blue smoke trail).

Experience: Lots and lots of little projects, which I worked on purely for my own use.

Availability: Medium or small projects. Can do large projects if they are really unique and interesting, but it would require some amount of persuasion to get me to work on a larger project or a TC.

e-mail: AetherWolf13 at hotmail.com
AIM: AetherialWind911

Name: nfreader (real name here, if you so choose)

Development platform: EV: Nova (EV: Classic and EV: Override too).
Mac or PC, though my mac is off the net at the moment. I need to do USB key shuffles to get stuff from there to the internet, viable in many cases.

Tools available: Evone, Mission Computer (If you're more graphically inclined, list your programs of choice)

Skills: Writing for anything. I also have a basic understanding of creating plugs.

I can do 3d graphics, and I am learning airbrushing with my fancy new tablet.

Experience: Just practise, as of yet. Worked only with Nova. I have a pet TC im working on (doesnt everyone?). Might like to make my first mistakes with someone elses name on the box, you know, just in case.

Availability: All. Large projects, small projects and TC's. Infinite free time, especially if the project is reasonably compelling.

e-mail: davvblack@gmail.com
AIM: qistmassacre

name: Kenshin the Ancient

platform: mac only!

tools: evone, missioncomputer.

skills: well, i can think up some crazy plotlines!in good at stretching the limits for mission computer. i can make ship resources (graphics are a no, i use existing shan files) so, everything but graphics.

experiance: pluging 'the moon' (submitted before i had a username, submitted under "glore4"), 'The Atlantis Plugin' ( 90% compleate, i need a graphics guy nfor it who has seen "Stargate: Atlantis"), and 'quest of the ancients' (requires the atlantis pluging, will be released with 'The Atlantis Plugin')

Availability: any small/medium project to get me busy for a few hours....

contact: Pm (email withheld)

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Name: Prophile (Alastair Lynn)

Development Platform: EV:Nova, Mac

Tools available: NovaTools, Terragen, ResEdit, MissionComputer, Various sound utilities

Skills: Sound Effects, Writing descriptions and text for repetitive missions (not main storylines), Proofreading, Terragen, PHP if it's of any use to anyone.

Experience: EV:Genesis, Project Inferno, Beyond the Veil, various small plugs of my own

Availability: All.


Email: arplynn@gmail.com
PM on Ambrosia
PM on the KRF
#evdc or #kontik on irc.ambrosia.net, both under nick prophile

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Development Platform:EVO,EVN(mac)

Tools available:Resedit/novatools,Lightwave 8,Bryce 5,Mechanisto,MissionComputer,EVONE,
Terragen,Photoshop 7 and CS,Microsoft Office

Skills:Resedit/novatools,Lightwave 8,Bryce 5,Mechanisto,MissionComputer,EVONE,
Terragen,Photoshop 7 and CS,Microsoft Office,Writing dëscs, making graphics.
References Upon Request

Experience:Project Inferno, A little Kemet, and a lot of various plugins of my own.


PM on Ambrosia
PM on the KRF
PM at Kemet

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