The Star Resource

Can you survive without it?

So I need to deal with this for Airborne. Is there a way to just get rid of the stars that make the background? Do you have to replace it? Can the engine run without having to put something else in?

Just add a negative value in the murk field and it gets rid of the stars...

So THAT'S how it's done! I've been wondering how this was done so I could do it in HOTS for nebulae, but I couldn't figure it out!

On the other hand, for your purposes, Jai, since Airborne wouldn't have any stars anywhere, you could just replace the star graphic resource with a blank resource or tiny waves/debris/isles.

How would I accomplish that? Are there individual resources for every star? And I'd probably use a blank resource.

No, it's one resource, an rlëD. Each frame in the resource is one kind of star and the engine picks from those frames for each star you see in-game. Actually, because it's an rlëD with multiple frames, you could conceivably have waves, small islands, AND debris, or just two of them.

If you're not going to have anything like that, though, I'd just go with the negative value in the murk field.

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