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One place to link to all resources.

So somewhere in the back of my mind, I recall a thread where aftermath was officially cancelled.

Oh, it was right here:;hl=aftermath

Regardless, it would be nice, for the sake of placeholders, experimentation, and usage to have a repository or thread that linked to all dead open projects. I realize that not all project information and graphics are released on cancelling of a project, but in aftermaths apparently was.

Is it possible to make a sticky of all links to projects and their material so that this material can be reused?

I know "all the important links you'll ever need", but...1) the links are all over that sticky so it is hard to find things 2) the links link to many things...this is a very specific thread for links 3) I think the modesty shipyard link is the only link with current material for EVN.



Current links: (from topic)
After Nova - Download - Addons Page
Incomplete TC - Download - Addons Page (possibly unwieldy)

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I agree, this would be a boon to plug-in designers with no graphics talent or just in need of ideas. That said, however, I could never use the graphics from AM—even if it were allowed—due to my humble TC not being worthy. Furthermore, I wasn't even around here enough yet to know what AM was when it died. To use graphics from it would feel like digging up some stranger's passed-away relative. Now a moment of silence for a lost project... 😞

Still, if anyone else could possibly use those graphics, or graphics from another project that didn't make it to completion, one sticky post to have all the links to them would be very useful. 🙂

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That Nurdi link is pretty useless. No downloads, you have to contact the admin for permission to use the resources by submitting a script, plug, or something as well as what you need who would, in turn, ask the author for permission and submit them your submission so that, if they approved, would give the admin those resources who would in turn give you those resources. Horribly complicated, and that's assuming I understand it right (and I'm not sure I do). Plus, the site is defunct, so good luck getting past the first step...

Anyway, for some vaporware resources, consider looking up Incomplete TC and After Nova on the addons page. Both are released vaporware projects.

Just to save people some searching, (though searching by hand can be useful, you find all sorts of hidden wonders) here are the download links to the two projects previously mentioned by JoshTigerheart from the Addons page.

After Nova - Download - Addons Page

Incomplete TC - Download - Addons Page

Bear in mind that as new plugins are added, the exact page that they are on will most likely change as they get pushed around, but it's current at the moment, and it shouldn't really get pushed more than a page, realistically.

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