Landing sound encoding format

Last time I asked about the encoding needed to get Nova to play new landing sounds, I was told it had to be 11KHz 8-bit mono.

However, I just checked myself, and----surprise----Nova's own landing sounds are 22050 Hz 16-bit mono.

Can you folks confirm that the latter is indeed the correct format, and explain why I keep seeing the "11KHz" thing mentioned when I do searches for sound-related questions?

I'm really not sure which one is correct, but i would go with the first becuase:
1. That is all i've heard mentioned
2. If you knowticed the IDs for the custom landing pictures, for some reason they have to be a different size which is different than the regular landscapes as well as a different RID.


landscape, 333 x 271 pixels

3. In the EV plug-in developer forum - theres a topic called "how do i create a new sound" that says to use that encoding. 😄 Heres the shortcut Plug-In Design:How do I make a new sound?

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Well, landscapes are easy. Just make them 312x287. So far, however, I'm having little luck getting sounds to work. I'll try some experiments and post the results.

Apparently, on EV Nova 1.0.8 for Mac, both the above formats work for landing sounds at least. No guarantees on Pxxx sounds, though.

The strictness of Nova's sound format requirements differs from context to context -- weapon sounds, for example, I think are pretty strict. 11KHz 8-bit mono should work in all contexts, I think, including landings.

How did you identify the format of the landing sounds in the stock scenario? I can get sounds into a plug just fine, but the last time I tried to get them out and into Sound Studio, I wound up quitting in frustration.

I opened Nova Sounds in ResEdit, along with a random System 7 sound. I deleted the snd resource in the System 7 Sound, and instead copy/pasted a random landing snd from Nova Sounds in its place. I then opened the System 7 Sound using SoundApp PPC (an OS9 program) and look at its encoding info.

EVNEW allows one to view the sound's sample rate while still inside the plugin, and if that's not good enough, it allows you to export all of the sounds as .wav files in one go. 🙂

^Can you confirm that WinNova also supports 16-bit landing sounds as above?

Yah, the landing sounds are 22kHz 16-bit mono, so unless EVNEW did something to them as it exported them (which I doubt) then Nova supports them.