Hey guys,
Anyone know of a good place with a turtorial on rleds and importing them?
Im trying to import a blackhole animation and the when i enter in all the information it doesnt work. The file is 480x525 and its 6x7 frames with 37 total frames. When i enter that information in, i get 18 blank pages and 1 page of half the graphic. Anyone know y?

Make sure the height and width fields are of one frame and not the entire image. That's all the help I can think to give right now.

If its what it sounds like, I think the Dr hit the nail on the head, with a sledge hammer. Ask him why he used a sledge, not me. Posted Image

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If you're making a 67 grid and expecting 37 frames then you need to multiply 67 again and check your result versus the number of frames that you have prepared.

dude, i know 6 x 7 is 42 but i only have 37 frames. The last 5 are blacked out. and i thnk Dr. did hit it on the spot. So i enter the height and width of the frame? :huh:
Well ill try it out...

Aight it works, but it came out with 6 x 6 so i entered in 7 frames in the y frame and then clicked update. That would work right?
Thanks Dr. neverhood 😄

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That would work right?

Yes, but from your description of the sprite, what you'll get is a 42-frame rlëD, with the last five frames empty. If this is a ship, you might be able to compensate for that by putting "37" in the shän's BaseSetCount field, but I can't guarantee that Nova will be happy about it. Consider whether you can cut out one frame.


Its a weapon graphic...will that affect it?

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Its a weapon graphic...will that affect it?

Yup. There is no way to tell the game how many frames are in a weapon graphic- it will simply use all of them. If this is a normal weapon, any shots that are fired a bit to the left of straight up will be invisible. If it has the "cycle through frames" flag set, then it will play normally for 37 frames, vanish for five frames, and then repeat.

If you really need all 37 frames, I would recommend re-arranging them so that your sprite PICT is one frame across and thirty-seven frames tall, and then re-doing the rlëD.


Thanks for the advice, but uh....where is the "cycle through frames" flag?

In the wëap resource.


In EVNEW, you can tell the program that it's working with X frames and X*Y is only how it's displayed in EVNEW and doesn't affect the game.

I'll present my Shenobi Assault Mine plug as an example. Many thanks to Hamster for providing the sprites.

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k thanks,and the background has to be black right?

The masks have to be black and white but I don't believe the actual graphics themselves have to have a black background. Heck, a red background would probably work all right as long as it was fully masked out. Though I'd use black if I were you.

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Personaly I use grey. HTML code of 808080. I think that is right in the middle of black(000000) and white(FFFFFF). Never actualy checked though.

ya, my EVENW preference is grey, and so when i import into EVENW. All perfect black is turned into this greyish color. So what do i do? When i make my blackhole animation, i put the background that same grey. And then when i impotrt it in and then use it ingame, the stupid grey shows up. So im assuming that the grey in EVNEW represents empty space, and therfore empty space in editing should be black. But the odd thing is that when i do the same thing with ships(meaning i put grey as the background), they work perfectly... Anyone know why?

Wait... are you using masks or not?

no masks, just rleds. I have this resource guide that told me that rle8 arent really used becuase the rled takes over their job, and are therfore space-taker-uppers 😄 .

rle8's are not the same as masks. A mask and a sprite go in the same resource.

A mask is an image with only pure white and pure black. The black indicates what should be invisible, the white is what should be seen. Take your sprite image and open it in some image editor, then make everything you want be white.

With EVNEW, when you are creating a new rleD and you import the image there are two radio buttons, "image" and "mask". Import your sprite with "image" selected. Then, in the same resource , import again. Locate your mask, select the "mask" button, and hit OK.

but when i just import the image/sprite, it works just fine. And when im in the rled resource and i click the sprite i get the image and then when i click the mask i get the mask image. I believe that EVNEW automatically creates a mask from a sprite for you.

Hers a ship ive made, any comments/ideas to add? When creating a sprite of this ship, what angle should you take the turns at? directly above? 45 degrees?

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