A Milestone or Millstone?

It's all downhill from here!

I just wanted to share with you that I've done everything with my game except putting in the story lines. This is a major turning point for me! I'll be keeping my computer closed for a while to work on the story lines. I've had the story for quite a while now, but need to flesh it out and get very action specific. I work with index cards, and will plaster my entryway wall with them in order to see in sequence.

I just can't believe things are actually completed.... and alpha tested. Done are: all maps and main locations, opening sequence, obstacles and goodies in interiors not to do with story, SOME of the story especially in the interiors, NPCs not associated with story lines, news posts and connected events, all employment opportunities, sleeping, eating, all game-wide event arrays, dark and light books and pages to find, all crafting, apprenticeships, shops, items, mining, town gates, sound bytes, and so on.

I don't know if sticking it out will end up anywhere. But it's been fun.


I know "SW" has been in the oven for a long time now. I'm keeping a computer with OS 9 capability just so I can be assured of ability to play this. Let's all hope ASW finds a way to make CS games work on newer systems. From my "sneak peek" a year or so ago, you'll have the best thing ever made with Coldstone. I'm positive it's just gotten better since then. ~RD

Gee, thanks, RD! I can't think of a person I respect more concerning this. At some point in the story, I'll be setting up a free demo people can download. They won't be able to see all of the maps, and I'll stop the demo at an early place in the story line. Of course, not everyone will like the game, as you can't appeal to everyone. I'm hoping you'll feel like you're living a novel, as I'm trying for a different kind of RPG game. Anyway ...........

on with the story!

Congratulations Debra! As I've said before, SW is something I am very much looking forward to giving a spin. It's fantastic that you've gotten this far with it - here's to completion in the near future. Now, good luck with the writing, and try not to fill too many rooms with index cards, as writing is obviously the most fun part. Well, it can also be the most difficult. But still fun! ^_^


It's great to see that you have made so much progress, and I would defanitly say this is a milestone!

The plot will probally be tough but I think you can handle it. 😛

Oh by the way is this game entirely your baby, or have other people helped with it?

Can't wait to plzy the demo!


Thanks Two Jacks!

A couple of people have helped with it. All of the news posts content was written by another person. And another tested the exterior maps. There's a lot of Coldstone graphics in it with a lot of other graphics made by me. Some of the graphics I bought for commercial use and then I adjusted or developed for the game. Some of them, like my main interface, are made by adjusting Coldstone's graphics. This is so that the game graphics will look right. Some of the sound bytes are Coldstone's, some are mine, and some are commercially free downloads and then adjusted by me. I'm in a situation here that when the game is being beta tested, I'll be able to get someone quite competent to do music. There's one person here I've worked with before in making a video, but it's a matter of payment, and I would have to save up my money for that. He doesn't know about the game yet, but we like working together, and I like his work. BUT, there's also competent sound people here who might do it for the experience on the resume. I don't know which way I'll go yet.

Congrats Debra! From what I've seen of the screenshots it looks amazing! I can't wait to try it out once it's finished!

Good luck with the storyline. As Andiyar said, thats definately the hardest part.

Your an inspiration showing that you really can get things done with coldstone if you stick with it! 🙂


I really want to play this when it is finished. 🙂

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