Tiger and CS

Hey everyone. Tiger was released today! So I'm hoping that Ambrosia was waiting to test the new vershion of CS on the final release of Tiger. Hope its so, as those of us with G5s can't run 9 at all. Well have a great weekend and hope you can get your hands on Tiger soon. Jeff

Sorry, nobody dares to answer, we are all afraid the mods will close the topic down.


We have no indication of how much progress has been made so anything here is just a guess. Dominic, who is entrusted with the update work, is well aware of the arrival of OS 10.4 so I'm confident that ASW will want CS to work in the latest system. Since I, for one, do not anticipate having OS 10.4 for a while (my computer can't take it) I sincerely hope that the update will still function in OS 9.

A note to jeroen goulooze: I'm sure none of the mods (myself included) desire to instill fear in the Coldstone Community. It's just that this thread has nowhere to go because no "official" word will be forthcoming until the update is released.

My guess: We might see something before the release of OS 10.5. 🙂 Certainly before OS 11. 😄

Ha ha, I see you all are still afraid of mentioning the update for fear of getting locked down by the mods 😛 I guess things don't change to much, 🙂 Well RD hope the update works in 9 for you, as for me I have a G5 and can't run 9 at all so I'll keep waiting. Keep working on your projects you'all there is obviously some great stuff coming if this community continues to live so many years after the discontinuation of the software. Catch you around. Jeff

I do agree with RD here... I'm not personally out to install fear in any of you, just a healthy dose of appreciation and awe, really... ^_^

Discussion of the update is a bit 'frowned upon' simply because, as RD says, it's a bit pointless - and since it's pointless to discuss, it's a bit pointless to start talking about. More's the pity.

However, as to CS and Tiger - I'm sure that Dominic will factor that in. Hopefully soon - there's an update of WireTap Pro in the works now which shouldn't take too much longer (if all goes well) and I'm hoping that after that, Coldstone is to be done 🙂

crosses fingers


Is there ANY way at all you can buy the old version of coldstone thats bugged up... I can't finish any of the will become hit games because I can't see how the progress is going and compile because it says " You cannot test this game because you have exceeded the limit of events or locations or maps that the demo lets you have"...

BTW, I am very aware of the problems it has, but none of them REALLY affect me.

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Is there ANY way at all you can buy the old version of coldstone ...
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