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why the heck doesn't anyone ever make graphics for present-day RPGs? like roads, regular houses, people in regular clothes, bicycles, cars, and whatnot? All people ever do is futuristic stuff and medieval stuff.

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its all relative to reaching/appealing to the fantasy of the player, delving beyond the norm...
since the medieval period is sketchy and full of lore it frees the author/artist to take liberties without inhibition.
same for the future but you can do whatever you want to the future without worries as long as you don't slap a time frame to it...

Besides the present can be mundane if the author/artist has no direction true inspiration and they sometimes use the two ready-steadies as a platform to reach their goal...

think about all the media you've experienced that draws from these two "eras", its nearly universal i can turn on KBC-TV (Korean BroadCasting Co.) right now and watch a feudal/medieval based tale of epic this and that about 3 kingdoms, etc.

point is its easier for the masses to accept and attracts everyone to it...its like formula, pun intended.

this wasn't much of a question more of a statement with am umderlying question veiled in the regalia of frustration/astonishment.

some resources...which you might be able to plow through to find things of use:


to mention some outside the norm art, i've seen DragonBallZ panes WWF panes, as well as regular everyday stuff

the images may be in large panels and/or in png/bitmap but if you're actually serious... ... ...


... That staples it.

they have, we just dont get them on the mac. games like jagged aliance which are pretty much modern day military turn based shooters similar to fallout. although its way less rpg than fallout.

it comes down to if its current day its almost a mystery game or a horror game if it takes place in current day rather than a rpg. the enviorment for roleplaying would be very hard to come up with something that isnt done everyday. and of course that means the entire look of the game is already boring or expected or typical because its current day. so you cheat your self totally visually in what you can give the gamer unless its a game deep in the amazon. then you really wont be roleplaying youll be surviving for your life.

one rpg that comes semi close is front mission 3 in which you fight in a military application in towns and cities and stuff with mechs and you talk to people in civilian clothes all the time. i can see making one that way or maybe going the way of minority report where you have many technological advancements but clothes/homes look the same or you can go current day and then deck out the world with fantasy characters which would be wierd scary and hard to do. or maybe you could go the way of the superhero in a modern day or a vigilante. either way it interests me now a bit. rant on....

basically it comes down to, its interesting, it can be done, but are you good enough to bet your company on it?

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... That staples it.

shrug I guess because if people wanted modern-day graphics and RPG style-ish it wouldn't be very RPG-ish. It wouldn't be much fun. pouts I like playing games that aren't anything like modern-day life.

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I am a professor (and therefore naturally assume that I am correct) :), and ellrx hit it right on the head. Nailed it. Good job!

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