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So Game 34 was a bust -- it ended with JacaByte (the evil terrorist) dying in the very first round. Interested in signing up for the thirty-fifth game? Post here!

A couple of thoughts:

  • Finals are soon for quite a few people -- I don't know when most end, but May 15th should be a good starting date, I think.
  • In the interest of keeping things simple, I think that in this game we should keep special roles to a minimum -- both types and numbers.

Thoughts? complaints? quizzical puzzlement?

Sure, I'll play. Finals officially end on the 11th for me, so the 15th should be excellence.

I'll play. I hope we get a larger turnout this time around, it seems ffive people just isn't enough.

Bring it on.

I'm in.

I have returned.

I would like to play a game 🙂

I'll try my hand, or lack thereof.


Hm. May 15 is actually just three days before two tests for me. I don't know. I want to play, but I can't commit yet.

What the heck, I'll give it a go around.

darth : when do your tests end? I've no problem with waiting a few more days.

It's back! Hooray!

I have tests on the 18th, 19th, and 29th of May, and the 9th of June, with unspecified periods of travel happening after that. I could probably play starting the 20th, but I can't promise I won't miss a day.

I can start any time on/after the 11th.

Okay. darth, I think we'll start on the 15th for now, and then when Game 36 starts (assuming no. 35 lasts long enough) you can join in then if you want to.

Any objections to my hosting this round, gents?

Okay. I'm looking forward to the next game (and hoping that this becomes a semi-regular thing around here again.)

(waits patiently)


(hears silence)

(goes around banging a pot and pan to lure out the Wild GTW Topic)

I think mrxak is hiding the next GTW thread.

I just forgot, been kind of distracted. I'll write things up and post later today, folks.

Is there still time to get in on this? If so, I'll actually play this time. 😛

You're in. Topic will go up no later than 11:59 PM PST.

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