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It's pretty plain that no one intends or is interested in hosting a game of GTW, and after re-reading some of the old topics, I've rediscovered an interest in it. Therefore, I'd like to suggest we try and start doing this again. If enough people are interested in playing the game, I'll go ahead and host one for us to get things rolling, keeping the rules simple and to the point. Of course, if people aren't interested, or if too few people are interested, then there would be little point in trying to host a game.

What do you say? Anyone up for a game?

How about a nice game of Chess instead?

That might be interesting. It's been a long time since we've had any games go on.

I'm in if we get 6+ people.

I'm in. Host order doesn't really matter to me, though mrxak's games had a tendency to be... interesting.

Yeah, I agree that six people should be the minimum. Once we have that many people, I'll give it a day further in case anyone else is interested in joining, then go ahead and start the game in a new topic.

Let's see, it's been so long I don't remember how many evil dictators and IAs you can have and still preserve game balance. Maybe 1 ED and 1 IA would do the trick??

Yeah, 1 is probably good if we only have 6 or so people, but if we have more I'll add another one. I was planning to add one special role for the innocents, but I imagine it would be best not to specify what role, to keep things mysterious.

So, that didn't happen. Anyone else interested in taking another stab at getting this started again? Or should we consider GTW to be just another of the forum's elusive legends, walking softly into the murky night?

I'd make a poll and get people to commit to one sometime within the next two weeks.


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I'd make a poll and get people to commit to one sometime within the next two weeks.

Good plan, I'll do that.

Know it's a bit late to jump in now, but seeing how that last game went it can't hurt. I'd be interested in signing up for a new game. Also, I think you should move/crosspost at least the signup threat to Just Games or maybe even the BnB, since this place gets pretty passed over. I usually skip right over even reading what the topic in this forum is. Just happened to let my eyes pause today and noticed this. I bet there are some people on the rest of the boards who would still play. This kind of thing also ties nicely into mrxak's forum restoration project thing, and he was a fiend for this game back when we were playing it regularly. Game 35 can be more fun!

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I can arrange for that. Excellent idea, darth.

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