Global Thermonuclear War

Round III

We all know the rules by now. But, if you've forgotten, here's the rules, stolen from xander.



All of the players shall take on the role of the leader of one of the United Nations (I will be representing The People's Republic of Xanderia). From the UN representatives, I shall select two (or more) Evil Dictators and one (or more) Intelligence Agents. The goal of the Evil Dictators is to destroy the world, while everyone else is trying to stop them.

Each turn shall consist of several phases:

During the Diplomacy phase, the UN representatives, (i.e. the players) will select a nation to nuke into glass. This will be done by voting in this thread. Votes should look something like this:


I, the leader of Xanderia, have been provoked for the last time by evil minions of The People's Republic of Nfreader! I propose that the threat of nfreader is permanently dealt with.

If you change your mind, please do so in a clear fashion, i.e.:


The threat of nfreader (retracted) has been dealt with through diplomatic means. Instead, the Great Nation of Xanderia is threatened by the megalomaniacal ravings of mrxak , the President of Unpronouncable.

That is, bold the person that you are voting to destroy, and make sure you put the word "retracted" into any post where you change your vote.

During the Diplomacy phase, you can discuss all you want. You can implicate anyone you want. Your goal, however, is to destroy the Evil Dictators.

During the Genocide phase, the Evil Dictators will select a nation to nuke, and do so. This will be done via PMs.

During the Intelligence phase, the Intelligence Agent will pick a player, and ask me if they are an Evil Dictator. I will respond either yes or no. This will also be done via PMs.

The Genocide and Intelligence phases will take place at the same time, more or less, and will occur after the Diplomacy phase.

PMs have been sent to the dictators and to the intelligence agent. Here's the player list:


As before, please try to vote within 24 hours. Shall the dictators triumph? Or will freedom reign over the earth?

After updating my advisors, it is believed that mrxak is the one whom we should target, as he seems to like power

What? No! I'm not the dictator at all. That was sooo Game 1.

Why single me out first, eh? Afraid I'll expose all of your secrets?

mt_rand() has spoken, bow before it q:

After receiving intelligence through kickme's advisors, I also have to cast my vote on mrxak.

After consulting my random number generator advisors, I vote nfreader.

Noting connection between Eevee and Kickme.

When you start with an even number of players, you should start in the night phase (where the evil dictators take someone out).

prophile: Who cares? If you want to host next game and we end up with an even number, you can start out like that. 😛

Well I for one, refuse to let somebody play this game randomly. Vote kickme and say no to random!

I secondly note the kickme/1Eevee1 connection... hmm. The resurrected people of Underscoria will not stand for this aggression, man. I tentatively vote kickme and will recess for a white russian.

kickme , and his randomness. Nuclear war is no place for the flip of a coin.

kickme. His computer alchemy is distasteful and wrong.

We're now waiting for xander to vote – once he has, evil dictators, PM me.

Because it looks like kickme is about to die, and my vote doesn't matter, no matter what I do: prophile.


@gutlesswonder, on Jul 25 2007, 06:20 AM, said in Global Thermonuclear War:

kickme , and his randomness. Nuclear war is no place for the flip of a coin.

It worked last round

With an overwhelming majority, the Security Council votes to remove kickme from the board. While staying in a posh 5-star hotel in a nearby nation, kickme's suite is invaded by soldiers and he is taken hostage. As kickme is hung while loudly protesting his innocence, mushroom clouds erupt over every city in his country, annihilating the population and reducing his once-proud nation to slag. Moments after kickme's death, the Security Council communiqué.

"You've murdered one of your own, you fools. We're still at large, and you can't stop us!"

One of the innocent has been removed from the board. Seven remain, two of them dirty.

Who will go under in nuclear fire next?

Dictators, PM me with your choice of target. Intelligence agent, PM me with your guess as to who one of these evildoers might be.

Without warning, 1Eevee1's nation is leveled by the power of the atom.

A warning is sent to the Security Council from the two still-hidden dictators.

"You could be next."

There are six leaders left, two of whom are evil.

GutlessWonder (retracted). Because someone has to start the voting, and Gutless looks guilty, to me.


To the whole my nation being nuked thing, I have only one thing to say.

So mean.

Now go get rid of those terrorists.

Well that was convenient. Before anybody starts saying that I'm an evil dictator and that I've eliminated my only remaining rival, I'll clear up some things. My M.O. as an evil dictator has been in the past to eliminate somebody who voted the same as me, thereby spreading blame to whoever voted against me in the next round. I can't guarantee that will be the same next time around, but be assured that I'm much too smart to be caught doing something so obvious.

That said, let us look carefully at those two other votes that didn't matter last round. Mispeled voted for nfreader. darwinian voted for prophile. I could be wrong, but I think if I was the evil dictator and I was nfreader or prophile, I would seek to silence one of these votes during the genocide phase of the game. It might be easy to overlook, perhaps appearing as random as the first-round votes themselves, and it would mean that Mispeled or darwinian wouldn't get a chance to make a case the next round should they still feel the same. Therefore, while I cannot say this with too much confidence, I can say that I don't believe nfreader or prophile to be evil dictators at this time, and I think we should carefully consider Mispeled and darwinian. It's a classic tactic to vote for different innocents to sow the seeds of mistrust among those innocents and keep the names of the evil dictators clean. By voting for different people Mispeled and darwinian also keep their secret allegiance hidden. I'll refrain from voting at this time, but I do believe I'll be voting for one of these two tomorrow.

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