German Review of DEFCON

Anyone speak German?


Wer braucht noch Brettspiele?
Die Zeit läuft, nur noch eine Minute. Schweißperlen auf der Stirn, schwitzige Hände an der Maus und Tastatur. Zuckungen im Gesicht, als die letzten Sekunden verstreichen. Solche auswüchse kennt man normaler Weise nur von Spielen wie Command Lybia aus den guten alten C64 Zeiten oder Spiele ala House of the Dead vom ehem. Giganten Sega.

Doch hier wird noch einen Schritt weiter gegangen. Städte und Völker verschwinden in Sekunden von der Erdoberfläche. Kontinenten zerbersten im Nuklearen Feuer und der Populationszähler der Erde rast nur so gegen Null. Jeder stirbt in diesem Augenblick.......

rough translation:
The time runs, only one minute. Pearls on the forehead, schwitzige hands at the mouse and keyboard. Twitching in the face, as the last seconds elapse. One knows such excrescences more normally Way only of plays such as COMMAND Lybia from the good old C64 times or play ala House OF the DEAD of ehem. the giant Sega. But one continues to go here still another step. Cities and peoples disappear in seconds of that Earth's surface. The population counter of the earth bursts to continents races only in such a way against zero in the nuclear fire and. Everyone dies in this instant .......

You could ask Freq 245 to translate it for you – he's German. 🙂

Wish I knew enough to do it myself

Personally, i find that translation hilarious.

Especially that "Pearls on the forehead" bit, no?


I'm not going to touch that one.

Also, what on earth does "excrescences" mean?

A bit free due to some things which just sound weird if translated directly to english.

In these times, who need board games?
Time is running, only one minute left. Sweat is running down your forehead. Your sweaty hands ready on the mouse and keyboard. Your face twitch as the seconds go by. Such a state was earlier reserved for games like Command Lybia on the good old C64, or House of the Dead on the Sega.
This game goes one step further though. In seconds people and cities disappear from the face of the earth, continents get destroyed by nuclear bombing, and the earths population quickly drop towards zero. Everyone dies in this very moment....

Gah... There is more.

I don't really know if "state" is the correct translation. It could also be more along the lines of:
Such "unusual cruelty" was earlier reserved for....
I figured it migth refer to the previously created state, but I'm not sure.

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Translations seem fine for me. 🙂 The German word "Auswuchs" (it's a noun, singular of "Auswüchse") isn't entirely fitting in the German text, too, probably that's the reason because it was so hard to translate.

Edit: Final rating:


Fesselndes Spielprinzip
heiße Multiplayer Schlachten
stimmiger Soundtrack

vielleicht etwas makaber

Enthralling principle of game
hot multiplayer battles
harmonious soundtrack

maybe a bit macabre (would be pro for me)

@pisketch, on Apr 25 2007, 01:38 AM, said in German Review of DEFCON:


I'm not going to touch that one.

Also, what on earth does "excrescences" mean?

An outgrowth or enlargement, especially an abnormal one, such as a wart.

A usually unwanted or unnecessary accretion: “Independent agencies were an excrescence on the Constitution”

Roffles. That makes it even better. Odd that OSX dictionary didn't have it though. I wish there were a way to add words.

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