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Okay folks, now that 1.0.1 is out, let's start over. All bugs reported against 1.0.0 have been fixed (unless otherwise noted), please report here as a new bug if there is one you can still find in 1.0.1. I have kept the previous topic as a reference.

Please only report bugs in this topic; only confirm bugs if you can give more info. If the game crashed, a crash log would be helpful, you can find it in users > your user > library > logs > CrashReporter. Mere suggestions for a future version should be posted to the appropriate topic; these, and all other kind of posts are not appropriate and will be removed, and this topic in general will be heavily moderated to keep it clean. Also, please leave out your signature (there is a checkbox when you post to do so). Thank you for your cooperation.


Mac OS X Version:


SketchFighter Version:

SP or MP:

If SP, Normal or Hard:

If MP, how many stars did the other player's connection have?



Name: Edwards

Mac OS X Version: 10.4.8

Computer: 1.33 GHz iBook G4, 1.25 GB RAM

SketchFighter Version: 1.0.1

SP or MP: Single-player

If SP, Normal or Hard: Normal

Level: Custom- The Temple of the Pen

Bug: Often, when two small blobs merge, two large blobs are formed, rather than one. In a few cases it appears that the two large blobs re-merge, but more often they get pushed away from each other, and both start attacking the player.

The blob bug happened to me a lot on the Five Seasons, too. 😠

My beef is with text sprites in the editor. In short, they're completely unpredictable. The default extra1 is -1, and with that value set, the editor refuses to place any text sprites at all (the green size preview box is a thin line). Setting the extra1 to a valid value sometimes remedies this, but then again sometimes it doesn't. I need to switch to Select/Edit mode and back, but sometimes that doesn't work either, so I need to place a different sprite first and then it works.

I'm sorry if this is light on specifics, but I honestly can't get any of these behaviors to happen predictably (except for the default extra1, which happens every time). I often feel like I need to discover the specific voodoo incantation to make the editor place a text sprite.

Computer: 1Ghz PB G4
OS X 10.4.8
SF 1.0.1
Level: Project Multisketch, hovering around 700K when I got exasperated enough with text sprites to post this.

Computer: 1Ghz PB G4
OS X 10.4.8
SF 1.0.1
Level: Any
Difficulty: Normal (probably hard too)
Rez: 1024x768, fullscreen
Framerate: Smooth

I've found that, in the new version, it's quite possible to pass through regular force fields using only the first ship, no matter how long they are.

To do this, get a good running start at the field; this should put you a decent distance in. Then, just keep holding forward and wait. The ship's thrust balances the force field exactly, so you aren't pushed backwards with time. Every 2-3 seconds, the game will hiccup ever so slightly, and when it does, you lurch forward. Wait for long enough, and you can advance through any regular force field, one hiccup at a time.

The attached screenshot shows me using this technique to obtain the missile upgrade in the Volcano that is behind a nice, thick force field before I've any right to have it.

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Name: Edwards

Mac OS X Version: 10.4.8

Computer: 1.33 GHz iBook G4

SketchFighter Version: 1.0.1

SP or MP: MP

If MP, how many stars did the other player's connection have? One star.

Level: Crazy Zone, Volcano, Ice Caves

Bug: Playing with Newt: Every single time we got a score high enough to place on the high score list tonight (about 7 out of 10 games), we both saw the score sheet, which listed which place we had reached, but got booted back to the lobby with a "connection timed out" error five-ten seconds after the sheet appeared. The scores were not logged with the tracker. In the cases where we did not score high enough to reach the list (about 3 out of 10 games) the connection often stayed solid, and we could play again about half the time.

I also got "connection timed out" errors after playing with several other people, with connections ranging from one to three stars, without scoring high enough to place on the high score list.

Also, when that connection error notice appeared, regardless of who it was with, hitting the "enter" key would change the button text to whatever the error message's title was, and allow you to type into the message title field. It was only possible to return to the lobby by changing the button name back to "Lobby" and clicking on it.

(EDIT WITH NEW INFORMATION) Same problem tonight, with connection ratings of four stars for Newt and five stars for me. Furthermore, we have noticed that no high scores have been set since the update, although given that we're the only ones who have set scores for the past month, this isn't too unusual.
Further data points:

  1. I played two games with another person, "Paul", who had a five-star connection. We gplace #94 in the Crazy Zone, and place #35 in the Wasteland, but it disconnected without logging the score both times.
  2. Newt played two games with Paul (connection rating between them of five stars for both), scoring #74 in the Crazy Zone and #86 in the Forest. Both of these games disconnected due to the usual "connection timed out", and the scores were not logged.

Furthermore, Newt and I player another game using version 1.0.0, getting place #30 in the Forest. This score was registered, with no crash.

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Name: Flurrie

Mac OS X Version: 10.2.8

Computer: PowerBook, with PowerPC 900Mhz G3 processor, 640 MB memory

SketchFighter Version: 1.0.1

SP or MP: MP local

If SP, Normal or Hard: N/A

If MP, how many stars did the other player's connection have?

Level: All MP Levels

Bug: When I log a score in the Local Multiplayer, once I type in the name, the "OK" button doesn't work. I have to quit the game to do anything else, and this bug is new in 1.0.1. Version 1.0.0 didn't do this.

Name: Edwards

Mac OS X Version: 10.4.9

Computer: 1.33 GHz iBook G4, 1.25 GB RAM

SketchFighter Version: 1.0.1

SP or MP: SP

Level: Custom Level

If you have a sprite that has an Extra2 link with an Enemy-type sprite, and a child with any Extra2 value greater than 1000, then when that sprite is destroyed, the enemy-type sprite will turn black and intangible, rather than the normal behavior of fading out. Sometimes I have seen the Enemy-type sprite keep its AI, but this is not consistent.

Also, if a switch is hit while it is inside a fading Enemy Shield Ring, the shield ring will stop fading.

Okay, closing this now the new version has been released, check out the new topic (note: the posts related to GSN's bug have been moved to Help on the Way here).

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