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Percentage of vote: 50.00%

My only request is that you do not vote for yourself-personally, I consider that rather bad form. Here are the links to the posts made by our contenders!


Now, hurry up and get your pals to stack the votes in your favour! πŸ˜„

When's the voting gonna officially close? A week?

I have no idea. Probably when we stop getting votes, I guess.

"A vote for Dinobot... and another vote for Rattrap..."

So, we've got a tie. Come on peopleses! Break this baby! You can do it!

And that's without me voting. Maybe I should... πŸ˜‰

Intriguing results, though the number of votes is… low. I guess no one bothers with this board any more 😞

Well, each story generated a substantial number of views... I think too much time has elapsed though. Maybe this thread could be moved to the regular EVN Web Board, where there's more traffic?

Ok, I was waiting to see if this tie would end up getting broken, buuut it doesn't look like it will.

Sooo, I now officially declare the first Escape Velocity Story Contest to be a draw. Everyone produced high quality writing, and I look forward to doing it again sometime! Next time I think the contest Submission, Voting, and Discussion topic ought to be on the main Nova boards, like Zapp said.

Good job everyone! It's funny, after playing ARPIA2 I think I might have been able to recognize Pace's style even if the author was not listed. Like in ARPIA2, the mission texts were, well, long. It makes for great storytelling, but makes for a different experience when you're playing a game and periodically get hit with walls of text with scroll-buttons. :laugh: That's not a bad thing, though. Like I said, great stories, everyone!

Don't close the voting! I'm still reading the last two stories! By-the-way, good job Pace! Now I need to read zapp's and Shlimazel's.

Double posting to get this poll some attention. The tie is broken, Shlimazel wins.

Unless someone else votes...

Sorry to say it man, but the poll already closed about a year ago. If you notice, I already declared the result of the contest a tie. That's not to say that I don't appreciate the thought, though.

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Well, I could still vote, so I did. As far as I can see, there are now ten votes, three for Pace, three for zapp, and four for Shlimazel.

I saw the post declaring it a tie, but the voting seemed to still be open so... I did what I think anyone would do: vote.

Yeah. I would have closed it officially, but I didn't have that option in editing, so I declared it closed via post on the topic... probably I should have asked a mod if they could close it for me, but it didn't occur to me at the time.