The future of Ares?

What should be done with Ares?

Poll: What should be done with Ares? (47 member(s) have cast votes)
What should be done with Ares?
A. Leave it be, so that all of us OS 9 users feel superior!
(0 votes [0.00%])
Percentage of vote: 0.00%
B. Port it to OS X!
(15 votes [31.91%])
Percentage of vote: 31.91%
C. We want Ares 2!
(12 votes [25.53%])
Percentage of vote: 25.53%
D. Give Windows users a chance!
(5 votes [10.64%])
Percentage of vote: 10.64%
E. Create a hybrid EV/Ares game for super advanced escort controls!
(1 votes [2.13%])
Percentage of vote: 2.13%
F. Combination of any of the above. (please specify choices, and why)
(14 votes [29.79%])
Percentage of vote: 29.79%
G. Other (please specify in a post)
(0 votes [0.00%])
Percentage of vote: 0.00%

Sorry that there are so many poll answers; I got a little carried away with all of my cool ideas. 🙂

I'm voting "F", for B,C, and D.

I'd say F, with B and C. As for why...

Well, OS X compatability these days is almost mandatory. I'd really prefer it if 8/9 users could play it as well, but most people these days don't take the time to Classic-ize it.

And, well, Ares 2 is always good. As long as you can use old levels, and as long as it comes with an editor and all of the junk everyone wants, it'll rock.

But I don't think it should be ported to Windows-they've gotten their grubby hands on enough of our stuff. They can cry and whine all they want-it helps make up for all the times they gloated earlier on.


I vote F for B and C as well.

I don't like E because Ares is good without adding EVN crap into it. However, the escort controls could use some tweaking (Ares 2 maybe?)(Yeah, like that's gonna happen)...

I voted C because I didn't read F in order to vote B and C.

I voted F, for C, B & E with a possibility of D 🙂

Although as an OS 9 user still (run natively for some of the software I need to use - none of that terrible classic stuff for me) maybe I should vote A Heh! But I use X mostly now.

Anyway, we need to get the EV players on board to buy it, cos there's so many of em. But Ares would need to retain it's Aresness, and be networkable. As for D, well, again a financial thingy, but the windoze version would need to talk to the Mac version.
I'm Homeworlding these days, and the few addons that exist are made by PC users, but work the Mac version with a little tweaking.

Hmmmm, what are our chances of an Ares 2, I wonder....

I voted D because someday i would like to play Ares.
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Voted C, mostly because I think I could do some great graphics for such a game, and fix the controls into something sensible. 😉

The old engine has too many llimitations on graphics and features.

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Hera was ebil.

I vote for F
CD and E
C and D would be one in the same...
I think EV/EVO/Ares would be great, but not for the escort control as much as the ability to personalize ships, and really find out- With two real players, would so and so upgrades make a fighter able to kill a warship?

A sequel would be great, but I can only imagine it would be a complicated mess getting there.

The demo for Ares II will be included in the MMONova3D installation CD.

Keep your sarcasm in check considering how a person could get beheaded around here for even THINKING about Windows EV back in 1996-2001.

Ares 2, using something like the homeworld engine.

Hey, I can dream can't I?

Surely Ares 2 using the Homeworld engine would be er, Homeworld... 😛
Haven't been able to work out how to do Homeworld plugs, that end of it seems to be PC only 😞
Ah well we can dream on I suppose, yes, dream on, and on.........

Lord Commander Anic, on Mar 15 2006, 01:47 AM, said:

Surely Ares 2 using the Homeworld engine would be er, Homeworld... 😛
Haven't been able to work out how to do Homeworld plugs, that end of it seems to be PC only 😞
Ah well we can dream on I suppose, yes, dream on, and on.........

Homeworld plug-ins work just fine on the mac. :huh:

Do you have the .big version of the plug and Mod Runner?

Ah, I wasn't clear, it's the creation of Homeworld plugs that I was referring to that seem to require a PC.
I've been playing them just fine on my Powerbook :rolleyes:

Lord Commander Anic, on Mar 16 2006, 02:37 AM, said:

Ah, I wasn't clear, it's the creation of Homeworld plugs that I was referring to that seem to require a PC.
I've been playing them just fine on my Powerbook :rolleyes:

Ah, yes. T'would be nice to have the editor...

I picked F as a answer and anyway I know I should of had other I think for one it should have a bigger ship veriety and the ability to play custom games which is just a basic map with as many or as little enemy computers as you want! this I think will make it more fun when noone is online to play with!!!!
Another thing is make it for windows I got a friend who loves it but he spent all his s###ty money on a Alienwere computer sorry but I wish I had one myself, another thing is to make it more Multiplayer rather than a TCP/IP network or APple talk I mean multi player! I would also like it for it to be for eMac OSX although I would also like to see it still in OS9 it is time to move up enhance the graphics and all, it is a great game to bad I am 2 entire generations late lol!

Ares seems awesome... but it will not run on Classic! Classic is horrible and not really anything like the real OS 9, so I am not surprised. But I want to be able to play! Just make good old Ares 1 work on OS X and I will be happy. I might even buy it 😄

I've played the first portion of it (the shareware accessible sections) repeatedly and really like it. Problem being I'm not overly fond of Classic (If I'm playing something in OS 9, it get's booted into OS 9), but I don't like rebooting OSes either. Currently, that is my only real objection to buying it. Especially since Apple seems quite intrested in making sure OS 9 bites the dust permenently and forever (in view of their statement that Intels will NOT support booting into OS 9, and I think they might not even support Classic).

If there was an OSX native version, though... I would be quite happy to buy that. Having an Ares 2 updating the graphics and adding to the game would quite possibly be great too, but that is iffy. I do know that I, and many others, enjoy Ares as it is and stands now. We'd just like greater freedom to play it on a newer OS...

(Disclaimer: I spend most of my time on the EV, EVO, and EVN boards)

As far as that Ares/EVN combo sort of thing listed as an option, that could have some very good possibilities, although some problems, too. I'll use adding Ares features (such as I know) into EVN, since that's what I know better.

- Adding the scaling view: This would be awesome. Probably the single best improvement that such a combo would bring, in my view. I'd love to be able to scale out and watch huge battles unfolding.

- Expanding the fleet controls: This would be the second most valuable addition. The fleet control system in Ares makes accomplishing specific tasks much easier, not simply "an escort is another ship shooting that doesn't hit you and thus hopefully helps" that many escorts tend to be in EVN. It certainly would make escort/protection missions that much more valuable.

On the other side, brining EVN's ship customization into Ares could be both a wonderfull and awfull thing, depending on your prefferences. I would love it, but I'm a solid EV/O/N fan. Some, I'm sure, would vie it as a distraction from the real game. So this would probably be best as optional.

How would ressources and construction work? Would it only apply to planets who have given you a mission to defend them? Or to planets you have dominated? How would the addition of those troop transports and engineers affect boarding ships and capturing planets?