A tiny little first-effort plugin


I'm new here, and hoping that in this day of MMRPGs and such that there are still a few people out there interested in an old classic.

I've just completed my first plugin for EVN. Since it is a first effort, it's also a very simple one: it replaces Europa with Pluto and moves it over to the lower right corner of the Sol system (coordinates 2000 x 2000). I took the graphics from the New Horizons photos, of course, and made up a little text. I also decided that Pluto would be rather starving for resources, so I made it similar to the Sirrusa station in the Archenar system - they'll buy anything. No outfits for sale and no shipyard, just a commodities exchange and a bar.

I'm thinking of creating a Pluto-based mission for my next effort, if anyone is interested.

I do seem to be having some trouble uploading to the Plug-in file list... for that matter, I can't seem to attach a file here in the forum either (I was going to include a small screenshot in this post). Are these functions not working in general, or is it something I'm doing wrong?

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Welcome to the boards, MikeXeno!

Submissions to the plug-ins pages requires the plug-in be reviewed and approved by Ambrosia staff. Since there is only about one Ambrosia staff member left, they are no longer reviewing submissions. As for attaching things to posts, there is a size limit, but beyond that I'm not sure what you may or may not be doing wrong. Generally, however, it's best to use a file-sharing site such as Dropbox to share plug-ins or post screenshots here. For plug-ins you would share the public link with the proper 'url' forum tags, and screenshots would be the same but with the 'img' tags.

Welcome to the boards, and If I remember correctly the plug-ins page hasn't been accepting any new plug-ins, since like 2010. No idea about post attachments, though.

Thanks for the welcomes!

I'll set up a DropBox account and make the plugin available, and I'll try posting attachments some other time. Glad to see that there's still a degree of interest in EVN... I rather like a game that's complex enough to be interesting but simple enough for someone who's not a professional programmer to modify.

Welcome to the boards 🙂