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permanently killable ships

So I'm trying to set it up so that there are specific named examples of ships, like the USS Razorback as a Federation ship. I see I can make the "named ship" as its own separate ship ID with the name replacing the generic type name. Thus, I can take an unassigned ship ID, copy the Federation Carrier to the ID, and change the name of the new ship from "Federation Carrier" to "USS Razorback". Here's where I run into problems.

Obviously its simple enough to assign a bit to determine if the USS Razorback is destroyed or not. I can arbitrarily assign b1000 to this (I have no idea if this bit is actually available and it doesn't matter for this example). I can't figure out how to make this work with a dude, but I could make the USS Razorback "fleet" consisting of the USS Razorback ship ID with no possible escorts. I can then set the "appear on" as b1000 where b1000 is a test to see if the ship has not been destroyed. What I can't figure out is how to make the game toggle the b1000 flag when it is destroyed.

Would I have to create an invisible mission for each named ship and set a flag to toggle the b1000 bit when the ship gets destroyed?

An easier way to go about this is to use the përs resource. Each përs is fully customizable: type of ship, custom weapons, quotes, gov't affiliation, amount of cash when boarding, which system (or systems - with some restrictions) they show up in.

You'll have to create a gov't resource for these ships and set it so the flag that prevents perses from using escape pods - otherwise they won't stay dead. There's also a flag that lets perses resurrect without using escape pods. Don't check that one either.

Been a while since I fiddled with the përs resource, so probably someone else could give you more specific advice if you need it. But this is a whole lot easier than fiddling with mission bits and creating duplicate ships.

You will, however, have to create a new pilot file for the new përs ships to appear in-game.

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There is a much simpler method of doing this: the përs resource. You can set up an enormous number of unique ships and even add or remove weaponry on them without needing to use up another shïp resource. You can also pick and choose which përs ships should come back later if killed or should stay dead. The düde and flët resources really aren't optimized for that purpose, though.

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Thanks guys!

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