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Hello all! I announced this on the EVN forums as well (link here), but in case some of you missed it, I'm going to be starting up an open beta for Anathema in a short while, maybe the 1-2 week range if I can get everything finished up with the editing and alpha testing. Anyone who's interested in open beta can post it here, post it in the thread on the EVN forums, or email me at

Glad to see the developers' community still exists! Happy modding! 🙂

Sure, I can find time to blow up some ships. 😄

I'll give you any free time that appears in my life!

Oh Oh Oh! Please let me test? I was "of doom" back when you were doing the last Anathema Sega beta testing, you may remember me, and I have been checking in on the forums weekly, mainly to check in on EVN:Delphi. 😛

I've finished my rewrite. My god it's depressing looking at your old writing. :rolleyes:

But anyways, I'll make a new thread on both the EVN and Developer's Corner forums with Beta files over the weekend. There are still a few missing graphics, but nothing that should cause any problems with playtesting.

I look forward to working with you to get this show on the road and finish the project! 🙂

(edit for the curious) I found a few sizable problems in my playtesting and I'm working on ironing them out. They're things I can fix on my own, but they're time-consuming. I'll keep everyone posted.

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shameless double post

For those who are interested and haven't been following the individual threads I've started, there were a few critical bugs with Anathema that kept it from going into beta on the several-months-ago timeline. I believe it's almost in the clear, but I'm going to be cautious about giving another timeline. Partly because of how many weird, unanticipated things were wrong and partly because having just recently moved at the same time as I've kicked up my work hours, time's a little tight.

I actually have a few days this week off, so hopefully I'll be able to crack down and figure out the last few bugs. After that, I still have to use a spreadsheet to organize my oütfs and wëaps (since that change will make any previously created pilot go nuts with all the tracker outfits that float around Anathema), but past that, the remaining heavy, tedious problems shouldn't actually interfere with testing, meaning I could in good conscience start beta.

Yay. 😄

Keep up the good work, Archon. I can't wait!

HAH! The bug that had been giving me a headache for all the admittedly brief time I'd been able to spend on Anathema over December finally died! It literally kept me from starting chapter 4, and I'm so obstinate I wasn't willing to edit around it and get on with the testing. But it looks like I'm on the home stretch. Assuming no other huge snags (dangerous assumption), I hope to be able to do the oütf/wëap cleanup before too long and then get this puppy shipped to the testers.

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