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I had just gotten the Arctic Fox in Colosseum, and I decided I would go back to Nova. I go and open the same pilot file. I end up in an IDA Frigate in the system to the upper left of Fomalhaut. It's one of the systems that begins with SPC. So i attempt to move forward to shoot down a marauder Pirate Viper, and I ended up flying straight past it. I don't know what my speed was, but it was up in the thousands, and so was my acceleration. I begin to jump to Fomalhaut. I press jump, and my IDA turns, moves to correct itself, moves again, corrects again, on and on and on. Why?

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It bounced back and forth between these two images for a while, and then I quit Nova.

Using pilot files with different sets of plugs, or whole scenarios will result in unexpected and unusual behaviour. That's why.

I accidentally mixed Colosseum and Nova files a couple of times during development. I'm betting your ship's stats looked something like this.

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That's Stephen Chick's Manticore with Nova and the alpha version of Colosseum mixed, for trivia's sake.

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I would suggest you have a lot of one outfit that Colosseum read as ammo or something, but Nova think is.... Probably a Port and Polish, which you can't usually stack.

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Maybe. Not something I can check anymore. I self destructed and quickly figured out that I had a Viper bay and auto-eject. Oh well.

Maybe mixing plugs isn't a bad thing. I just finished getting blown up by aliens in AG, and switched to Nova. I got a Thunderforge, these outfits, and a couple others not shown. I am untouchable. Missile-wise.

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You can also end up with stuff like 8000 Matrix Steels if you're not careful. That sounds cool, but not when you realize your speed is -7500 or so. You could also end up with a ton of Krypt Mind Attacks and have a rather debilitated ship.

Also, the bits set in a TC can really screw up your missions in Nova, like locking you out of all storylines while being stuck as a Vell-os slave.

Yeah. That's happened before. I only mix plugs on non-valuable pilots. If they have conquered more than a few systems, which isn't too many, I don't. Or if they have lots of cash.

You could just duplicate the pilot, save one for later use with the proper plugs, and use the copy with alternate plugs to see what you get and play around. That way even your most valuable pilots can still be messed with for laughs.

One time during the early stages of EVN:UGF (I hadn't coded much of anything yet), I dropped my UGF data files into the Plug-ins folder and loaded my Polaris file. I ended up spray-painting my Raven with "UGF Blue" just for fun. 🆒

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