I'm trying to make a mission in which the player boards a ship that is derelict, and if they accept (sort of like the ones that pay 75k credits), you take them somewhere, but as soon as you accept, you are outfitted with a non-lethal bomb. The idea is that the people you took on board are pirates, and that they try to overpower you and take your ship, but fail and cause massive internal damage. How do I go about this?

OnStart Gxxx

Allow me to elaborate on Qaanol's post.

First, you'll need an actual outfit for the non-lethal bomb. Just make an outfit that can't be bought nor sold and choose Non-lethal Bomb for the outfit type. You'll also need to use the expression Gxxx where xxx equals the bomb outfit's resource ID. Next, you'll need a përs ship. This përs should use a gövt that has the 'ships start disabled' flag. It could be whatever generic Derelict gövt you have, or you could make a personalized one for the përs, just as long as it has the flag. It should also offer the mission when boarded. The mission should have the Gxxx expression in the OnAccept field, which will place the bomb on the player's ship once the mission is accepted.

Something fun you can do is use this same scenario in a normal mission that places a disabled ship somewhere, though things change a little. The special ship should have an objective of board and in the OnShipDone field for the mission should be the Gxxx expression. This will still put the bomb on the player's ship once they board it, but with no choice in the matter. If you wanted, you could also flag the mission the përs ship offers so players can't refuse it, getting the same effect though still going the përs route.

And now a devilishly evil idea just formed inside my head. Conceivably, you could put a disabled përs out there that would offer this mission without a chance to refuse. Say the pirates, rather than masquerade as the crew, shoot their way onto the player's ship. They sabotage the ship while other pirate vessels jump in and attack the player like the decoy derelicts in EVN had. The ultimate pirate trap.

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Couple questions. How can I get a dialog box to show when the bomb goes off, and how do I get rid of the "Your <outfit> has exploded!"? And thank you, I was quite confused. I guess I should work more missions with bits before I start the rest of the TC storyline.

ModVal, as described in the Nova Bible.

Entries 38–41 in STR# 2002.

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No idea what ModVal means, and I assume that entries 38-41 are variations of the "your <outfit> has exploded!"

Jai, Qaanol's just telling you in his own way to read the Nova Bible. It might help. You can find it in the Add-On pages, or use this site and search for it by name.

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Ah thank you both. I'm not very good at decoding experienced-people speak.

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