Sound Again...

What happened this time?

So I had a habit last night of going through every plug I had made, and I realized on one of them that the sound I had given it wasn't working. The sound was one I'd converted with soundapp, and when you would fire, it was silent. I had the sound working when you played it in missioncomputer, but when you started playing Nova, you didn't hear a thing. And one last thing... Why do topics disappear? I was going to post on my old sound topic, but it wasn't there anymore, and when I used the search engine, there were 19 pages of topics, instead of just two.

The game engine is very particular about the format of the sounds it plays, so there's nothing particularly strange about a sound that plays in MissionComputer (which just calls the standard system routines) not working in the game. Someone else will be able to tell you better than I can what format you need and how to obtain it.

As for old topics, they don't disappear, but by default the main forum listing dosn't go back infinitely.

Ah. Thanks. Would there be a tutorial or guide somewhere? I know in the other topic someone mentioned a tutorial by Guy. I think it was by Guy. Anyway, I'll get back to you about it later.

EVN's standard sounds are all have a .sfil suffix. I don't know what format that is, but Soundapp might be able to tell you.

Hmm. I'll check it out... I don't know what format that is either, but from the suffix it's obviously a sound file.

QUOTE (DarthKev @ Aug 29 2010, 03:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

EVN's standard sounds are all have a .sfil suffix.

'sfil' is the type code for Macintosh System 7 sounds, which are just traditional 'snd ' resources packaged an individual files. The 'snd ' format is, however, very flexible in terms of allowing different bit rates, and even various compression schemes: the problem is that only a few of these settings are actually accepted by the EV Nova engine.

So does that mean that I would have to identify what sound type it is, and if I didn't have the right one, wouldn't work?

Guy’s Audio Guide is on his EV Stuff page.

Thanks, Qaanol, but I've been through Guy's Audio guide. That's how I made the initial resource.

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