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Is there a way?

So I've been experimenting with the dumb paint thing in MissionComputer (can't get the red quite right) and I had an idea. Is there any way to use an outfit to add a particular graphic to your ship? Not something even too complex, like a circle, square, or triangle?

Through some tricky manipulation of resources, you could make it appear in-game that purchasing a certain outfit placed some simple shape over a ship, but it'd only work for one ship unless you made one outfit for every ship. And you'd still have to make the shape yourself and maybe even make one for every ship if it's not in the center.

So no, you can't really do that. You could, but it'd be an extreme resource hog. I also strongly suggest you don't use the paint mechanism EVN has. With a lot of tweaking you might find colors that look natural and enhance the ships, but overall it's a lot easier to simply give different paint jobs to your own models.

Alternatively, if the ships you're trying to use EVN's paint mechanism on have their own colors (as opposed to being plain white or grey) then it's possible to change those colors through a hue adjust in a graphics editing program. Something like, Gimp, Graphic Converter, or Photoshop if you can purchase something like that. Graphic Converter is what I use and it's fairly powerful once you get the hang of it.

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Sighhhhhhhhh All right. That's what I needed to know. Thanks, Darthkev. I'm not really surprised.

In the default scenario you can buy an outfit that adds guns to your starbridge. It's doable if you have a separate sprite set to trade with. This might get weird if you want several outfits that change the ship. You would have to make each outfit change what other outfits are available and you would need many more sprites for different ship combinations. But if you did it the effect for the player would be exactly what you are looking for. Sucks it's so hard.

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Actually, if I recall correctly, it upgrades you from a Starbridge Class A to a Mod Starbridge Class C. This does more than just add guns. It changes the ship you fly. The Mod has a bigger, bulkier body while the Starbridge is slimmer. Just compare the gradient images. You'll notice it.

Yes, these 'ship upgrades' really just switch you from one ship class to another, regardless of what is happening in-universe. As far as the engine is concerned, you could just as easily be upgrading from a Starbridge to a Raven.

😞 ... Although upgrading from a Shuttle to a Raven would be awesome, this is kind of a downer... darn. :hector_bird:

QUOTE (Spartan Jai @ Aug 29 2010, 07:48 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Actually, if I recall correctly, it upgrades you from a Starbridge Class A to a Mod Starbridge Class C.

I think he's talking about the Sigma Mount Reinforcement, not the Chrome Valkyrie Upgrade.

I don't believe that's correct. We are talking about graphical adding, not slot adding. Which is why he talked about separate sprites for each ship.

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