Class Resource ID#

What exactly does the Class field do when creating a new government?

It assigns that gövt resource to a class of whatever number you put in any of those fields. Then any other gövt resources you put that same number in for a class number will also be in the same class. This can be handy when you have several, say, pirate factions in a TC, but too many to place in the enemy fields for your law-abiding gövt. By giving all he pirate factions the same class number, you can simply enter that same number in one of the enemy fields of the law-abiding gövt. Viola, the law-abiders will attack any of the pirate factions on sight (assuming they have ships with a warship or interceptor AI).

Another use for this is multiple resources for a gövt. Maybe a certain organization undergoes changes as a storyline progresses. Rather than enter each version of that gövt into the ally/enemy fields of every other gövt, just make the different versions the same class and enter that one class number.

So if I give, say, the Federation, Bureau, and Associated traders the same Class ID#, the ships of the new government would attack them? (if I set them as enemies). And (now I'm gonna look stupid) how do you set a class number for an entire government?

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Yes, the new gövt would attack the Federation, Bureau, and Association on sight, assuming the new gövt ships have an AI of 'warship' or 'interceptor'. This can be set either through the düde resource or the shïp resource. Whatever AI the düde resource sets will override what the shïp resource has.

As for setting a class, just enter a number. Simple as that.

I did figure out what I was doing when it came to the classes. Thanks for your help. (THAT WAS NOT SARCASTIC BELIEVE ME) 😄

I know this might seem like a lot to ask, but could someone post the class ID#'s for the major governments?

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