HOTS Starbridge Design Contest

So I'm placing EVN's Starbridge in HOTS. The way I see it, no TC is ever truly complete unless the Starbridge is in there somewhere. I've even added the Starbridge to a few TC's I've played, arming it with the closest I can find in terms of similar armament. However, I'm having a problem making my own model for it. I want to base the HOTS version on the Mod Starbridge from EVN, but can't find a good way to do it. So, I'm holding a contest of sorts. Whoever can make the best-looking Starbridge out of Delphi's pieces will have their design used in HOTS and their own përs ship flying their design. The rules are as follows:

  1. Contestants are permitted to make one piece themselves for use in the model if they wish. That piece may be used numerous times.
  2. If a custom piece is used, the design must contain a majority of pieces from Delphi's collection.
  3. Each contestant can submit only one model, but can change that model if they so desire. Simply edit the post containing the entry and make a new post stating you have changed your entry.

And that's it, simple as that. Post your entries to this thread in one post containing a download link for your model, a few screenshots if desired, and even a few words about the model if you like. For an idea of scale, the HOTS version of the Starbridge is 62 meters long with a crew of 8, so certain details like windows and such should be small if put in.

Submissions can be created with any program you choose, but the final submission file must be a Google Sketchup file and include your custom piece in a separate file if you made one. Screenshots are not required to be in Sketchup. All submissions will be judged by me. Submissions will be accepted through midnight July 20, Pacific time.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about regarding Delphi's pieces, you can find the complete collection here. Here is Delphi's first post concerning the collection and here is Delphi's second post about it.

Current Submissions:

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You ever play Parsec?

You might be inspired by some of their designs. I prefer this thing:

Shown firing the Lightning Cannon.

Where is the Delphi content you speak of?

Thanks, but I'm not having problems building other ships, just the Starbridge. And I'm not changing it, I really like the ship. I just want to give it a new design that matches everything else in HOTS. That's what I'm having a problem with, thus this contest.

** Edit:** Huh, I thought everyone had seen Delphi's post about those pieces. I've added a link to Delphi's complete collection to the first post.

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Less than two weeks left! Make sure you get those designs in!

Maybe you didn't see it maybe you just don't like it but I will post it here too.

Attached File Starbridge_Front.png (95.03K)
Number of downloads: 44

I did not see it before. Excellent design, Sp3cies! For future reference, the ASW Boards doesn't notify people when someone edits a post, and most people (myself included) don't go back into threads if it doesn't say there are new posts. Also, submissions to this contest are supposed to be posted here, anyway, so there's that. 🙂

Could you also give a link to the Sketchup file? It would be difficult to use the model if I don't actually have it. 😉

Sorry how do I do that, I'm completely blanking here?

You need some sort of file-hosting/sharing service. The best one I know of is Dropbox. After downloading and installing it, just put the Sketchup file in the Public folder inside the Dropbox folder, right-click on the sketchup file, go down to 'Dropbox' in the pop-up menu, and click on 'Copy Public Link'. Then just add the link to your post.

Two days left people! Will anyone attempt to challenge Sp3cies?

Yes, this post is a day late. This contest is now closed, Sp3cies wins by default. I will update the HOTS Status thread soon with a full-color image of the Starbridge Class Cruiser. Also make sure to check the Turtleshell and Tulip as they will be in color, as well.

Thank you Sp3cies for participating! 🙂

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