Missions Not Appearing in One System Scenario

What I need to do is have a mission direct you to land at another planet in the same syst, under circumstances where there is only one (yes, only 1) syst resource.

So far I have tested setting, as a DST, specific planets, planets of a goverment, and planets not of a goverment. The only way I can get a mission to appear of any kind is to set the destination as a random uninhabited or random inhabited, which makes the mission destination set to the planet you took the mission at.

Any ideas or advice would be welcomed.

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Wow, a scenario that takes place in only one system? That's pretty unusual, makes me really curious about what you've got in store.

I know it's been done before, sometimes by accident. I'm not entirely sure why it's not working for you, though... Have you tried having the mission end at the Return Stellar instead of the Destination Stellar?

Okay, to cut a long, confusing post short, I figured out what to do, and if you want to do what I was trying to do above, follow these steps:

1: Create the mission you want to send you to a planet inside the syst. Set a specific spob as its destination.

2: Create the "Launching" mission for the above mission. This is an auto aborting BBS mission which sxxx's you the above mission. Set the availability you want for the above mission in this "launching" mission file.

3: The result is that when you accept the "Launching" mission, you are shown the accept text for the mission you are trying to implement. The mission functions normally from there.

I hope this is useful to other people and not just myself.

Note that you have to set the mission destination manually, but since you're going to a specific destination it shouldn't matter much. You should also be able to set a <PAY> in the Launching mission to set the offer desc for you, though you won't be paid by the Launching mission, but rather the mission you're trying to launch (if you follow me).

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