Making Ships Heavier

can it be done?

While outfits in stock EVN reduce the speed of ships to simulate making it heavier, they don't actually add to the ship's weight. I am wondering if there's a way to change that. Not in EVN, mind you, but in my TC. See, I want to make certain outfits add to a ship's mass, like an armour upgrade on a large ship would actually make it heavier. This is to make a difference in tractor beam technology so that having a heavier ship is actually advantageous. Having outfits that make a ship heavier will help this.

So, can it be done easily? Can it be done at all?

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As far as I know, the only way you could do that would be to make the outfit change the player's ship to a heavier version of theirs when they bought it. It would mean you would have to have multiple copies of each ship, and a copy of the outfit for each ship type, but it would be doable.

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I thought of that, but with more ship classes than stock EVN in my TC, not counting ship variants, it's not a viable solution. I was hoping for something less resource intensive.

I'm not at my computer now, and have not tested this. In fact I'm not exactly sure how this would work - or even if the logic behind it makes any sense.

What if you made the armor outfit also give a Beam PD weapon that had a recoil based on however much mass your original outfit was suppose to give? That way when it fired (to prevent the tractor beam) it would at least slow your movement a little bit. This could (more like would ) obviously get a little tricky with other things that point defense is suppose to interact with, but if you made the PD beam just a couple of pixels long it might do the trick (?).

Or, another thing I just thought of while writing this. If you're not using all of your Jamming frequencies for various missiles, have the tractor beam affected by one of them? Then you could just set up the armor outfit to also add to this jamming frequency.

Sorry the logic behind it doesn't work, only guided projectiles (and ships) can be targeted by PD weapons. Jamming works the same way, you can't jam a tractor beam only guided projectiles.

I suppose you could make a PD weapons with recoil and set every ship in the TC to be targetable by PD weapons. Not that it would in any way accomplish what darthkev wants but it might be interesting to fly around with for a while.

Actually, all ships will be vulnerable to PD weapons. It just doesn't make sense to me that a warship, when fighting another warship, wouldn't fire everything they had at it.

Anyway, this isn't something I need to incorporate, I just thought it'd be cool. Oh well, can't do everything in EVN! 🙂

Any idea how PD weapons prioritize? In the choice between doing minuscule damage to a capital ship and taking out a missile and thereby avoiding some damage I'd prefer the latter.

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Any idea how PD weapons prioritize? In the choice between doing minuscule damage to a capital ship and taking out a missile and thereby avoiding some damage I'd prefer the latter.

I think point-defense weapons act according to the command "whatever's the more imminent danger, shoot that".

And that means what exactly? Does the engine perceive a missile or a ship as a more imminent danger?

Maybe it depends on which one can do more damage. A capital ship, while powerful, might not do as much damage with a single shot as a single missile, thus making the missile more of a threat. However, if the ship's weapons do a lot of damage and the missile in question is a little dinky thing, the ship would pose more of a threat.

Another factor could be how close something is and how quickly it can reach the parent ship. Perhaps the slow speed of a capital ship would make guided ordnance more of a threat thus making them a priority.

I think it's either on some sort of a priority list or it just targets whatever comes into range first.
The number of factors that come into play when assessing a threat are a bit more than I expect Nova to handle, I'd just like to know how Nova handles it. I suppose I'll have to do some experiments to find out myself.

I'm pretty sure it just shoots whatever is closest, no priority list.

Yeah, it's either going to be that or a simple missiles>ships.

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