The first day of the fourth month used to be an important calendar event around here. Will it be this year? I wonder.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to finish my idea in time. Maybe I'll save it for next year or later this year...

I don't think Ambrosia has any plans this year. And if they do, I have no idea what it would be. 😞

It's annoying being almost a day ahead at times like this; I've been waiting all day to see some amusing stories on websites!

Open any YouTube movie and type "&flip=1" at the end.

Ambrosia usually lets the mods in on the joke ahead of time (except the year when they made us mods all type in pig-latin with some UBB hack), but I haven't heard anything. Must've been busy with some of their other projects. I suppose we can all just download Screen Cleaner Pro again...

I had some ideas for my own little pranks, but frankly I ran out of time to plan anything. I'll probably just do nothing this year.

Looks like nobody's doing any joke TC announcements today. I probably should've come up with something. Ah well.

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