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need a quick way to do a not-quick job

Hello all at the Ambrosia Forums. DarthKev here once again to ask for help.

I recently bought a new computer and, as everyone here can expect, immediately set to downloading the ported versions of EV Classic and EV Override since the original versions don't work on OS X.

This worked fine, though I know have a bunch of plug-ins for both games that I want to port to Nova so I can use them with the ported versions of Classic and Override. However, this job will take a long time if done the only way I know how, and I'm hoping someone here knows a faster way. Basically what I do is copy each resource fork individually and put it into a new plug for Nova. This would probably go faster on Resedit than on Mission Computer, but I'm not sure if that's the way to go. Plus I'll have to go back to my old computer (an iMac with OS 9) and use Resedit from there since there isn't a version for OS X.

If you know a faster way than what I've mentioned, or think that Resedit is the way to go, either post on this topic or email me at


@darthkev, on Feb 7 2009, 04:58 PM, said in Help Wanted:

Basically what I do is copy each resource fork individually and put it into a new plug for Nova.

Good news: If you just open the file in MissionComputer, and then use the Document Info commands to change the type and creator codes to the EV Nova ones, the result will be exactly the same as if you had copied the entire contents into a new file.

Bad news: This won't actually accomplish anything, because EV Nova 's resources follow dramatically different formats than in the earlier games. The new game won't understand a shïp resource from the old ones, even if you've pasted it into a new plug-in. (This is why the ported versions took so much effort to produce in the first place.)

Good news: There's a programme called SpacePort which can convert from the old resource formats to the new ones. It doesn't produce a finished plug-in, but it handles everything which can be automated, leaving you to make the finishing touches yourself.

Great. Now I just need to figure out where to get this "Space Port" program.

Try checking this topic.

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