I'm Making a plugin called Galactic Grocers.

It's out!

This plugin is for stock Nova. It will be a Minor storyline maybe the size of the wild geese string. You start by shipping foods (Fresh produce, shrimps Etc. Etc.) and eventually get to ship Blackmarket foods (caviar comes to mind). you get access to Trade Fresh Produce or whatever you just shipped.

I hope to have a beta out in a couple of weeks. I do NOT need any development help just lots of testers. I was inspired to do this project by this thread http://www.ambrosias...howtopic=122309 but instead of having a deadline of two of months my deadline is 2-4 weeks.

P.S. Food Ideas are very helpful thanks

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Foods found on Guam (some of the names sound exotic enough that you could smuggle them black market across government lines):

Fried chicken (Classic)
Red rice (Rice cooked with achote seasoning to color it red and add a subtle flavor)
Fried rice (Rice cooked with vegetables and spicy spam)
Keleguin (very spicy and tangy diced chicken dish)
Kim chee (Spicy Korean salad dish)
Pancit (Korean spaghetti-like dish)
Lumpia (Sorta like egg rolls, except with meat and veggies)
"Boonie" peppers (Incredibly spicy pepper, perfect item to smuggle to the Aurorans)

From the Polycon TC - Eyes (just eyes, eyes on toast, etc)

Giant Squid
Whale meat served with potted plants
Tribbles...........need I say more?

Coffee would be so cool for a coffee-addict like me. 😉


Kim chee (Spicy Korean salad dish)

It's fermented cabbage. Why would he need to smuggle that? It's also extremely spicy. I have a huge jar left over from the Korean Culture camp I go to during the summer. :laugh: That and rice. I'm surprised they're not gone yet.

EDIT: Oh nevermind. My memory went straight to the part of the post containing the word blackmarket.

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I'm going to have trouble adding all of this in. Its all great guys, thanks.

Just pick and choose...

By the way, I'm still working on the plug you sent me... trying to find the bug...

I found the bug.
I am now at the point that Testers should apply. So if you want to test this plugin add a post CLEARLY saying that you want to test. I will only take 4-5 testers max.

This plug-in sounds awesome; great idea.

  • Live seafood (various kinds): can only be transported (=misns offered and/or junk availability bit set) if a tank is installed in the cargo bay.

  • Goliath Deepfish: in addition to requiring a tank, past overfishing has let to tight regulation so that these are only available for purchase during three-week fishing seasons that are declared whenever stocks reach a certain level. When this happens is effectively random, so it pays to monitor the bar news!

  • Notasian Fernstalks: Their delicate flavor is disturbed by transit through hypergates, so the gates are unavailable when the player in carrying them. Use on misns with time limits to force the player to plan long routes carefully.

*Throrian Mayflies: These hatch, mate, lay their eggs, and die in only one particular week of the year. They are great delicacies on Thraine (in the same system as Thror), but they don't last well in a ship's hold.... Effectively, they're a decaying junk, and turning a profit thus requires an unusual combination: a fast ship with a large hold.

  • Grain or anything else bulky: Some story-line misns should require quite large holds so the player will face the new challenge of having to balance that against the usual tendency to max out on combat outfits.

  • Transport licenses: Some foods should only be available to captains approved by health and safety authorities.

  • Taxes: You can set a misn's "payment" to be the loss of some percent of a player's credits. Since your plug will provide lots of new ways to get wealthy, use this to regularly reintroduce financial stress and motivation!

Thanks Dr. um X'arnor do you mind if I have a shipment of coffee to you. Like the player ships coffee to X'arnor.

And I really need beta testers. like really really really.

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I'll test it but I might not be able to try it the moment I get it (have to find time between work and college.)

p.s. did I mention I'll test it?

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Yay! I'll send it to you as soon as I have killed this damn bug. it makes you repeat the shrimp mission FOREVER.

Ok I have now killed all bugs I know of. Anyone who wants to play this before the actual release PM me about it. I also need a writer to expand my hasty descriptions.

P.S. I have decided to make multiple parts AKA this is part one.

It should be uploaded to the addons page soonish. I do hope I have done a good job.

Is anyone actually interested in a part two? And if not could you please give some feedback.


I approve of this creativity, make a Part II!


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