Can't work with larger graphics...

I just downloaded some shield bubbles plug and they are very cool
but there is only a single bubble for when the ship is facing up.
Since I would really like to have shields and these ones look
somewhat better than the average shields I decided to go into
Photoshop and add a shield for every for every frame. I did a
couple of the smaller ships but then when I got to the larger ships
my clipboard exeeded 1000 pixels and I can't export the image
anymore. So I was wondering how you guys export bigger images
like that to other programs or whether you guy just use other
programs to edit stuff?

?? You on Windows? I don't know if shield bubbles work any differently on win nova but on a mac you don't need more than one frame.

I have a shield bubbles plug-in. It uses one frame and fades the shield out after it's been hit.
When you say export, do you mean the export command? If so you might try going to File>Save As and save the image file as a format your plug-in editor will recognize (EVNEW can do jpg, gif, png, tif, pic (pct?), bmp, and tga).

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You won't need more than one frame in WinNova either. Just make an RleD resource that contains only one shield bubble frame, refer to it in the Shan resource and WinNova should be able to handle it.

Hmm, I'm on a mac. I'll try again with just the one graphic...

If you're using ResEdit, you can tell Photoshop to "Save as Pict Resource". Thus you get around clipboard restrictions.

Oh, and just on general principals----if you ever have an option to choose between jpeg and png, go png! Lossless compression!

I'm guessing that shield bubbles plugin is mine ("Shields" as seen on the add-ons page). I made one frame for each shield, otherwise the filesize would be enormous. I considered animated shield bubbles, but I decided against it because it would look too busy and would make the file absolutely huge.

On topic: I'm not sure what you're doing wrong in Photoshop; I haven't run into any problems like that before. Are you sure everything is set right?

Hey, you're back. Forgot your old password? 😛

Your shields are very cool but there were a couple of niggles I had with it. The scaling method you've used is suboptimal, and with some of the sprites the masks cut slightly too tight. I've fixed these with my copy - if you like I could send it to you?

Nah, I'm fine. I rarely play EV anymore.

However, I am surprised with the quantity of downloads my plugins have accumulated. 2,000-3,000 downloads each is pretty damn good!

Is your shield bubbles plug called Shekkys Shield Glows, or is it something else?

Nah, it's called simply 'shields'. I've put up the slightly 'fixed' one here if anyone's interested, RLE'd for extra goodness. If you're not interested yourself, Dark Revenant, would you mind if I linked to it on my site or maybe uploaded it to the addons? They're too good to leave them the way the are 🙂

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