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I'm making a plug that will get rid of allow you to play in strict-play mode without the problem of losing your pilot when you die. It will be a variant of the ShipVariants plug. When the player buys a ship, it will start a mission which will give the player a hidden outfit that removes the player's speed boost, making the ship act as if you are playing in strict play when not playing in strict play. I need a bit of help with this: First of all, how much faster is the player's ship than an equal AI ship in non-strict play mode? Also, is there a way to edit multiple ships at once? for example, I want to add Sxxx to every ship in the game in the OnBuy field, without doing every ship at once. Is this possible, or would I need to write a custom program to do this?

Well, for the matter of the outfit that reduces speed all you would need is a cron with the !Oxxx term in the Enable On string and the Gxxx term in the Start On string. So if the player didn't have outfit xxx the cron will run and give it to the player no matter what ship the player is in.

Edwards has already made such a plug (in a simpler way). Don't know where it is but I'm sure you can search 🙂
Can EVNEW do the same thing as ConText/ResStore? You can export as text, open in a spreadsheet to make batch changes, then import again.

Guy is correct. You can find the plug-in here. That thread also has a bit of discussion about how I made it.

I really ought to upload some of the plugs I've made to the add-ons page one of these days. Perhaps in something akin to Qaanol's plug-in pack, only focused more on extensions than fixes.


@guy, on Oct 28 2006, 07:34 AM, said in strict play without strict:

Can EVNEW do the same thing as ConText/ResStore?

Ja. File > Save As... and under the "Save as Type" pull-down menu, select .txt. Then import into Excel as a space-delimited data file (or you could just work on the text file directly). To get it back into EVNEW, re-export it from Excel, then simply select File > Open in EVNEW.

Ah, just open it eh? I knew about the export but wasn't sure how one would import it again.

Heh, it just occurred to me that I've never actually tried it before. Tests Yep, it works - at least, I know it works if you save it in Excel as a tab-delimited .txt file, but I couldn't be bothered checking the other formats at the moment. 🙂

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