Differences between 1.0.8 and 1.0.10 data files?

I was still using 1.0.8 when I started working on my TC, and the data from the original game I'm still using for it comes from that version (and I'm running it with the .8 application). I'm thinking of switching my TC to run on 1.0.10, just to be on the latest version - I'm just wondering if there were any changes made between the two versions that could cause problems with using "old" data files with the "new" program. Anyone knows?



Well, if it doesn't work with 1.0.10 you're sunk in any case. Since most people around here use 1.0.10. I say there's only one way to find out.

You will not need to make any changes*. There have not been any changes in how the game interprets data files, so you will not need to change anything to allow 1.0.10 to read your plug properly. At worst any weapons or ships you have copied from Nova will not quite match the newest version.

*Note: If you have any beams that use Falloff to fade out after firing, and can be fired continuously, they will do too much damage to whatever they are fired at, due to a new bug introduced in 1.0.10. This will not prevent your plug from running, however.


Thanks Edwards, that all I wanted to know. Using my TC with the 1.0.10 program does work, I was just inquiring in case there was so marginal change in interpretation lurking somewhere - like that beam thing, though it doesn't affect me.