Corrupt file?

The plug I've been working on for a while now has developed some strange behavior in ResEdit.

Every time I try to save, ResEdit quits. So far, it appears that the changes I attempted to save all completed fine, and appears to work fine in-game. However, this behavior makes me queasy.

Previously, this problem would only happen once in a while. Sometimes it was necessary to re-open the file in resedit and close it again before it would work in Nova.

This problem manifested itself awhile back and unfortunately got saved to all my backups. Back then, I attempted to remove all the resources and paste them into a new file, and the problem got much better.

Now, it appears the problem is back and it's much worse again. I should mention that this only seems to happen with this particular file, though this might be for reasons other than a corrupt file.

First, does anybody know what's happeneing here?
Second, it there a solution that doesn't involve re-building the plug from scratch? (As this will take a very very long time)

That sounds a lot like what happens when I combine all the data files into a single file. After about the fourth file, ResEdit starts crashing every time I save, because the file has more resources than it likes to deal with.

How many resources are in your plug? Try splitting it into two files, and see if they save properly.


Check out this topic from Zacha.

Thank you. I have not hit the 16MB limit, but I am sure I have used more than 500 resources in a single type, and I may be hitting the resource name limits.

I will do some splitting and see if that helps.

I've got some resource names that exceed 4k. ResEdit saves and uses that file just fine...

I am very happy to report that splitting up the file has resolved the problems.
Thank you.

@rmx256, on Aug 28 2006, 08:02 AM, said in Corrupt file?:

I've got some resource names that exceed 4k. ResEdit saves and uses that file just fine...

How many? As for Zacha's 255-char limit, I have no idea what he's talking about, unless they're Pascal strings, but I don't think they are.

EDIT: Nevermind, they are. Interesting. I'll have to look into this.

EDIT2: Are you sure they aren't getting truncated to 255? That's what happens to me.

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So was the file taking bribes or what?

b-dum tish!

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