Phoenix Rising

My plugin’s Progress Log

Hello guys,
This is a progress log for my new major plugin for EV Nova. This is the first major plugin that I have ever done, all my others were just minor changes or addons. So here is the progress log. 🙂


  • Syst: 99% - Might need to do some editing for ease of visibility and certain missions.

  • Spob: 90% - Just need to copy and rewrite some descs.

  • Ships: 70% - Just need to render some and to decide which sprites I want to use.

  • Outfs: Done - Unless of course, something springs to mind.

  • Weps: 99%

  • Descs: 85% - Still need to make a few, and I still need to proofread them.

  • Misn: Done

  • Dudes: Done

  • Flet: Done

  • Pers: Done

  • Story:

    • Background - Done

    • Storyline - 95%

Estimated Time Spent: 91 hours

The reason for the odd way I'm making my plugin(how the background wasn't created, but a bunch of other things were) is becuase I didn't decide to make it a mjor plugin or anything like that until not to long ago. But I've expanded and created missions and other things. The two things that are slowing me down are establishing a balance between weapon damage and ship stats, and the fact that I'm learning everything as I go.

Here are some pictures of ships that I have made(I use some from other plugins, with the creators permission of course.) Those are the only ones that I have at the moment, due to time crunches, creating more ships is no longer a certainty.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Debating over whether or not to use....

Story Background:
Darkness must precede light, and light is always to follow darkness. The Dark will hinder all but the strongest of wills, but what is to say that the dark cannot be overcome? And so our story begins

“Alright son. Listen up and listen well, because I’m only going to tell you this once. And don’t go forgetting it, you hear?” Will Thompson says, with a rather solemn look about him. He continues.

This is a story of our Ancestry. Of our prosperity, of our downfall, and of our rebirth. This story has been passed down from one generation to the next, and is of utmost importance to our people.” Will produces a Data Crystal from the folds of his clothing, holding it in the air for examination. “Now, you may wonder why we don’t just store away this tale in the Libraries and Archives. The people of the Galinthor Republic are too proud to let our history sit and rot out of the memories of men and women. Storytelling has long been a tradition amongst us, and here I am to pass the tale on to you.”

“A long time ago, in the ever growing, ever prosperous Federation, life was perfect and peaceful. War was but a thing of the past, no longer a threat. But this happiness and beauty could not exist alone. No, with it came destruction and chaos, for one cannot be without the other. This chaos and destruction came to overshadow the happiness and beauty of the Federation, in the form of a massive Pirate Raid, or so we assumed. Our perfect world had come crumbling down in one large fall, and darkness once again ruled.”

“The peoples of the Federation had to have some logical explanation for the ordeal, so they settled on one thing that all could agree upon. Pirates. Pirates must have been the cause. Who else would do such horrible things? Once they found a reason, they stuck to it, not wanting to explore other ideas of a cause.”

“But a select few would not settle for such an outrageous reasoning. Pirates have never been largely organized, let alone enough to bring down the entire Federation in one fell swing. I, among others, had noticed the workings of a certain Michael Chorel, to whom we will get to in a moment.” Will pauses for a moment to take a sip of water and clear his throat.”

“Anyways, our Hypergates were destroyed and our lives were plunged into darkness. It was months before we could establish connections with the local systems, and years before we could muster up the funds and resources to rebuild our once busy Hypergate. Many times, pilots ventured off in search of help, but none were to return. But our mighty people did not lose hope! No, we kept our newly refurbished Hypergate up and running, in case a rescue crew or passing ship decided to come through. But, a large barrier stood in our way of contact with the rest of the Fallen Empire. The Access Key to the Hypergates had been forgotten many centuries ago.”

“You see, our Hypergate was one of the last of its kind to be built. Due to its pristine condition - and hope to keep it that way - the access key was only given to a select few. Those few have all either forgotten it or died, either by suicide or murder. After many years, the people of this once grand planet realized that help was not coming their way. They began to form a new government, one that they could call their own and rule how they wished. Many suggestions were made by various high status members of society, and many were rejected. One such rejected proposal was that of Michael Chorel. He had suggested a government that strongly resembled a dictatorship. Of course, everyone threw the idea out as preposterous and useless and, in the end; the majority vote was for a Republic.”

“On that day, a fallen empire had risen from the ashes to start anew, this time as the Galinthor Republic. We adopted a most suiting insignia that day, which has lasted through the years. A Phoenix, to represent the rebirth of a new people and as a light for those to follow.”

“For such a mighty empire, it did have its faults. Not long after the Republic was formed, Michael was somehow able to obtain a position on the Council Board. He proposed many ideas, many of which were not beneficial to the people at all. Soon after a string of ridiculous propositions and attempted bribes of some high ranking officials, Michael’s seat in the Council was withdrawn and he was exiled from the Republic.”

“So, Michael left the Galinthor Republic, but not before he rallied a decent force of Anti-Galinthor followers. Along with his followers, he left for the Galactic South, and began anew. He set up a government on a new planet, very similar to a dictatorship. He called it “Gel-Grathca”, but to the people of the Federation and the Galinthor Republic, it is simply known as “The Duelists”. The name was gained for the fact that his followers would duel to gain attention of their leader, and of the women.”

Will laughs at the thought, but continues after a short pause.

“Currently, Michael’s grandson Phillip is on the throne of Gel-Grathca. The “Royal Family” of course lives like kings, while the followers live as peasants in the slums.” His face cringes at the thought of the inequality.”

“Ever since these Duelists have formed, they have been at war with us. There hasn’t been a single day that has gone without an incident involving our two governments. But that has changed recently, as all their ships seem to have been recalled. And that is where we stand in our history and our war. Pretty violent, eh?”

My major plugin adds:
2 new governments
7 missions
8 outfits
1 new rank
15 systems, each with 1 or more planets
10 ships
Almost all of the graphics in this plugin are custom made and can not be found anywhere in the stock scenario.

Emblem of Galinthor:
Posted Image or Posted Image

Emblem of the Gel-Grathca (Duelists):
Posted Image

Any questions or comments?

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Awesome ships, are those both your original creations? I wish I could make ships like that... I do have a 3d program, but either it doesn't have all the bells and whistles as some of these top notch programs, or I just don't know how to use it.

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

Yep, they're original creations. 🙂 I'm using Strata 3d and I might be able to help you out on your 3d stuff, if i know the program....

And as soon as you can PM me back that outline I'll be able to post an outline of the story's background. That is of course when I get back on. :laugh:

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I might be able to help you out on your 3d stuff, if i know the program....

AC3D (site here)


And as soon as you can PM me back that outline

Already did 🙂

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Are you using a tryout or did you buy it. Beucase AC3D looks almost exactly like discreet 3ds max 7, and well i hated 3ds max. The tools were to hard to use. If you want you can try strata 3d tryout and see if you like it. It works great with ships, atleast for me.

Yes! my 400th post. :laugh:

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Are you using a tryout or did you buy it

Tryout, just to see if I liked it.. it's decent, although not too good on the more mechanical aspects of things. imo.


If you want you can try strata 3d tryout and see if you like it.

I tried downloading that... I was busy doing something else at the same time, and downloaded the Mac version (using XP)... I realized it after the download was complete 😞 I tried again with the Windows installer and it never went through to their server or something...

Try it sometime later, or i might be able to just send you another "link". 😛

I got Strata 3d Tryout Version now and testing it out.. very good so far.

Is This a TC? How Big is it?

Its a major plugin. I'll add those specs up above.

Progress log has been updated and the gov't emblems have been added(Unexpected Idea)! 😛

Looks good, Chrono! 🙂

Thanks, its coming along. I still need to write out the background story.... <_<

Ooh, pretty!

Lol, now thats something we don't hear often from you... :laugh:

So for we've only heard it once from Commander Krane...

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Phoenix Rising.. I like that name 😉 Wonder where he came up with it....

Lol, personal secret.... :rolleyes: I think im going to chagne the color of the emblems. Ill make the phoenix blue and the other orange. What do ya think?

Hmm... That would be interesting. A blue phoenix. But either way, you should really go into photoshop or something similar and edit out that red box around the phoenix.

EDIT I fixed it up real quick and made it look a bit cleaner. I expanded the red that was in the circle to the rest of the picture. How's this look?

Now, to make it blue 🙂

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Man, you got me surprised there when I saw "misn: done"

until I saw "7 missions" 😄

Still, good job. Keep it up.

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