Player uses fuel regen

Dosen't the 'player uses fuel regen' flag work for ships?
It's not working at the moment for me. But I could have sworn it used to work.

Can someone clarify?

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It should work. It works on my ships. Are you sure that you've set a number that would be have some kind of visual confirmation that it works? Try setting the Fuel Regen to something really fast, and see if that works.. I'm on a different computer, so I don't have access to the .rez files to check, but I think the lower the number, the faster the fuel regenerates. Someone with access to the .rez files correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the Fuel Regen number equal the number of frames it takes to regenerate one unit of fuel? Try setting it to one if that's correct.

The stock ships dont have any fuel regen, becuase I've gotten stuck in the middle of no where. The only time the player does have fuel regen, is when you buy some outfits such as solar panels. And I believe it is the opposite of what you said, Crashe, although I'm not to sure since I am also on another computer... <_<


only time the player does have fuel regen, is when you buy some outfits such as solar panels

Not quite. If a ship is created/modified to include a fuel generation property, and "player uses fuel regen property" checkbox checked, then the player has built in fuel regeneration, no outfits required. A prime example is any of the Vell-os vessels, which have auto fuel regen. Which this is a must because the Vell-os weapons use fuel, and when you are/have a Vell-os ship you cannot buy human outfits.

AI ships will always take advantage of any fuel regen you specify, but the player only benefits if that flag is checked. Also I think Crashe is right, lower is faster.

It's just not working.

I should point out that I'm using a negative (fuel sucking) number here. The bible says this works that same as fuel scoops, which can be negative or positive, and the number represents the number of frames to gain/lose 1 point of fuel. So, yes, lower numbers are faster.

I don't know why it's not working, but I just tried putting the same number into an outfit, and it works as it should. So it's not due to not noticing a slow rate.

It may be that the Bible isn't quite right, and negative fuel regen doesn't work when implemented through the shďp resource. Try giving the ship a positive regen, and see if the flag works. If the answer is "yes" then you'll need to make the drain an outfit, and AI ships won't use it.


Positive fuel regen seem to work.

However, negative fuel does seem to work for the AI.

Here's how I tested that:
Put -1 fuel regen into the AI ship. Gave it 100 fuel. This should give it 100 frames of fuel.
Gave it some PD turrets that use 1 fuel per shot. So this would give it 100 shots before fuel ran out if there was no drain.

Waited a few seconds, then I fired some missiles at it. It did not shoot at the missiles.
When I repeated the test with 0 fuel regen, it shot at the missiles until it used up its fuel.
Therefore, negative fuel regen works for the AI.

@desprez, on Aug 20 2006, 08:21 PM, said in Player uses fuel regen:

However, negative fuel does seem to work for the AI.

Huh. I guess it goes in the same class as negative-recoil weapons, then. At any rate, this will work well for the outfit-based workaround- the human can use an outfit, while AIs can use shďp regen. Just keep the "player uses regen" flag un checked, just in case the bug gets fixed someday.