Including Picts?


I wanted to test out my newly made (albeit poorly made) new turret graphic in my plug-in. I've gotten the 45 degree angle (for the outfitter) saved in .pict format, but can't figure out how to get it INTO my plug-in. I searched the EV Bible, and looked at the "How do I create weapons" thread in the Plug-In Dev. board, but to no avail. Could anyone assist me here?

Some previews:

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I had this problem once. when you create a new pict reasorce go under file click import and select the picture you want.{you may have to change the file of types to all files to find your picture} this works for evnew
and it should be simalar in mac plugin creators.

hope this helps. 🙂

Thanks, let me see if it worked...

EDIT Yup, it worked. I didn't even notice the File menu there... wow how slow of me.. Thanks though.

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Y 🙂 our welcome, I do hope it works. 🙂


I do hope it works

It did, 'cept for the fact that I saved the picture too large and it's a bit distorted now. A little wider than it should've been, but eh, it's fixable. Here's the graphic here, if you wanna check it out. This is my first graphic of any sort for Windows, I've done a few on the Mac a while ago... a LONG while ago.

Anywho, here is the file.

As I said, poorly made 🙂

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Looks kinda cool :). I hope that's not the final though - you'll want a much nicer render than that with full anti-aliasing and stuff.
The shipyard/outfit pics are 200x200, if you're wondering.

Thanks, I wasn't sure how big they were exactly. And I don't have any rendering software. Any suggestions?

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Check the Member-Run FAQ up at the top of the EVDC, u'll find your answer there.

Thanks, chronodrago, I'll do that now

For now, here is another preview, this time a ship.

What do you think about that one? I got to thinking, and maybe I should ditch one of the light blasters and center the remaining one in the center on the bottom. Either that, or move them back to the top (original idea), ditch a turret, and slap them on the bottom.

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Nice Weapon looks better than one that I tryed to make. Looked like some version of the blaze turret from evo.

Thanks. I'll be adding pics to the top of the post, so be sure to check up that way every now and then for new pics.

Again looks cool, but turrets on a fighter? Well as long as you know what you're doing 😉


Again looks cool, but turrets on a fighter?

Eh, it's possible, with a serious downgrade in available cargo space (already limited) and less room for other weapons.

I think what I'm going to do is ditch one of the turrets and put it on the bottom, then re-mount the fixed guns to the top of the fighter.

What graphic editor are you using? For your needs i would use strata 3d but then that might be alittle to ocmplicated. Its hard to figure out what buttons to use. But then again, 3ds max is even harder(atleast for me). 😛

I'm using a freeware program, which is all I can afford until I start getting my paychecks regularly again (only worked 4 weeks this summer, starting up again now). You can download it from here if you'd like. It's called AC3D. I've heard of Strata 3D, but never used it. Is it freeware/shareware/commercial?

Check the FAQ at the top of the board for info on a bunch of free/shareware/commercial 3D software.