Outfits and Char's

I was wondering about how to put outfits into shops to buy how do you do it?

and how do you make chars selectable instead of one just being picked by size?

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I was wondering about how to put outfits into shops to buy how do you do it?

To put items into the outfitter, got to your planet's spob resource and set a tech level. If you know what you want reflects the outfitter on another planet, then find that planet's spob and borrow it's tech level.

If you want it to include pretty much everything, just set the tech level to 32767. Be aware, however, that this will enable you to purchase certain things not mentioned to be purchased.

If you'd like to include a certain tech, then find it's outf resource and input that ID into the Special Techs field on your planet's spob.

ok thanks

I need to know how to put picture for the buying area for my outfit

I'd recommend reading the readme that comes with your editor, rather than asking questions on here that actually take a fair amount of explanation to answer.

Nvm i found it and i have looked thorugh the Evnova bible dosent help me much completly cuts out some areas i am looking for.

This is true but there is plenty more info around than just the bible. pp0u20e8 was referring to the read me that comes with the editor, not the bible. Please follow up all links given to you (ie, in your other topics) and also investigate the Nova data files to see how things are done in there. You do not need to ask us every single little question you have if you would just help yourself occasionally.

Sorry, but most anything that you need to know is either in the bible or is easily notable by dissection of the default scenereo. I can think of very few things that aren't easily noted in this manner.

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I agree, i learned how to my plugin making my expirementing, reading other's peoples plugins and seeing their effects, and various guides. Most of my learning though came from expirementation. 😄


Most of my learning though came from expirementation.

Same here. I found a copy of ResEdit on a MacAddict CD, and it just took off from there. That's really how I got into creating things for games (at that time just EV). I experimented here and there, adding the occasional super modified shuttle.. GALACTIC DOMINATION!

But eh.. just keep experimenting and reading guides.. If you ever get stuck, first consult the EV Bible, then the EV Plug-In Dev. board, THEN ask questions on here.