Firefly/Serenity Mods?

Has there ever been any made for any of the EV games? It only seems natural.

There is a Firefly plugin being developed, but it is far from completed.

EVN Firefly is Lindley's project; see here and here.

The 1st release was planned to be sometime this summer, and it could still happen, although I'm thinking in reality it will be sometime later this year.

Will it be based on the ships from the show (The capitol ships look like teeth) or the movie (the capitol ships liik like aircraft)? will the threads mirror the movie?!?

We're taking ships from both sources, but right now it more mirrors the movie; many of the ships we have from Firefly were only seen breifly (or only in the comics), so they aren't instantly recognizable.

Sadly, the Alliance Cruiser (tooth-like) is one ship that no one has modeled yet, so we don't have it. But hopefully we will.

I spent yesterday experimenting with battle dynamics a bit to get that worked out, although there's going to be almost no combat in the plug (for obvious reasons). Needs more work, though.

The TC is begins six months after Serenity Valley, and the player takes on the role of Malcolm Reynolds. Before you ask----yes, I would like to have several character options including a pro-Alliance character, but I simply don't have time to do that. If someone else writes the misns and does a good job of it, I'll add alternate characters since WinNova can now finally handle that.

But anyway. The plug will eventually (seriously eventually) be divided into three parts. The first part, which is coming along and mostly just needs story-writing to get finished, follows Mal's attempt to fit into the new galaxy following the Browncoat defeat by working for a freight company. Only, through various and sundry adventures, things fall apart and the whole deal doesn't work out.

The second part will be when Mal purchases Serenity, and meets most of the TV characters. (Only Zoe and Mal appear in the first part.....possibly Patience as well, although I haven't written that yet. Oh, and Monty and Renshaw make appearances as well.) The third part will cover the final year or so between Inara's joining the crew and the start of the series.

I've said from the beginning that this is an open project----anyone who wants to contribute is free to do so (although I get final edit on any writing, to maintain a consistent style). However, the number of people who are actually willing to stick with it on an ongoing basis has proven to be rather small. The story has been written almost entirely by myself and GunRunner (AKA TLAM Strike ), although he's been dealing with some issues and unavailable for a few months now. Razzle Storm seems to be sticking around to help out (for which I'm grateful), and others pop in now and then briefly.

The thing which I hope will define this TC when it is finished is a character-centric approach. Writing takes a long time because it's not enough to say what's happening----I have to figure out motivations and reactions and interactions between characters while I'm doing it. And hopefully, maybe, do all that in a slightly Whedon-esque way.

If anyone wants to see this go faster-----what I need is a second writer. It's a lot easier to make progress when I have someone to share the workload with, bounce ideas off of, and set up new hooks and situations in the writing that I might not have thought of myself. GunRunner was a good partner in that way, but as I said, he's been under the radar lately.

And of course, anyone who contributes in a significant and ongoing manner will get the download link now, rather than having to wait for a release. The "significant and ongoing" bit is there because 90% of the people who have the download link disappear as soon as I give it to them.

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