warp space animation

sound wave?

Can you animate warp space with an rled? And can it be used as a new grpahic or do you need to edit the ships graphic?

What exactly are you trying to do? Nova has a built-in warp animation...or are you trying to make a ship look all glowy and cool when it goes into hyperspace....? Clarify, then I or someone else mightbe able to help you.

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@chronodrago, on Jul 2 2006, 11:03 AM, said in warp space animation:

Can you animate warp space with an rled?

No. You can change the stars with a spin, though, and you can adjust the duration by changing the sound.

im trying to make a sound wave form, but it wont be a sound wave it will be a distortion field. You know when a aircraft is moving really fast and is accelerating? Well the sound wave(i think thats what it is) thats formed around the aircraft gets tighter and tighter as you go faster. I wanted to replicate the same process and put it into the warp animation.

You could make an animation like that for every ship - the catch is, it would play the same animation every time you leave a planet, which is probably not quite the desired effect...

Edit: Incidentally, the... thingy that forms around a supersonic aircraft is generally called a shockwave, but it's not actually visible.

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ah yes shock wave....thanks, sry my book was confusing me. So i cant make a distortion field..that suks <_< . It would have looked awesome.
Wait a sec, doesnt one of the auran ships have an animation that only is on during warp space? Does that take up one of the fields then for ship animation?

It does, but it also animates it's nacelles whenever the player leaves the spob.

(The ship, incidentally, is the Argosy, and the Pirate Argosy does the same. It's tricky to spot it closing its nacelles when it leaves a planet, but it does do the animation.)

ah yes thats the one, im no good with names. So im assuming that that animation is part of the shan resource animation?

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