Importing ship graphics

rled with banking

How do you import an image of a banking ship? Little short for a question...but oh well.

Have a look at how they do it in the default scenario. The Shuttle is a good start - you'll find the RleD for the Shuttle in Nova Ships 1, with ID 1000. You can see that it's done with a whole separate set of images below the main set of images. Then you just need to set the appropriate flag in the shďp resource.

Edit: Or did you mean "How do I actually import it into EVNEW?" In which case, the answer is to make a new RleD resource, and using the File menu of the resource dialogue box, select "Import".

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Been there done that... 😄 Ive made my own ships using EVNEW but never one with banking. So when i imported the ship with banking i followed the guidlines of a starbridge. Except i got half of the rled and 26 empty black pages. <_<

I think you say that there are (number of non-banking/other animation) frames in that rled. And some flag somewhere(I can't remember at teh moment) you select what the extra frames are for wether it be animation(I.E. Leviathin's cargo holds spining), banking, or weapon animation. I'm not sure if you can have all of the above or not, ask someone else. Someone is bound to know. Oh and please, please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't like distrubiting incorrect information. Well... that and I would like to know aswell.

Animate the ship in one full rotation non banked (36 frames).
Animate the ship in one full rotation banked to the left (36 frames).
Animate the ship in one full rotation banked to the right (36 frames).
Render the above 108 frames to one movie or series of pictures.
Run through your RLE conversion program of choice.
In the shän resource, put in 3 base sets and 36 frames per set in the appropriate places, check the 'extra frames for banking' box and you're set.

awesome but all im doing is adding a glow to the pirate starbridge. So all i did was export the starbridge rled to a bmp and then edited that. But im trying to import the new bmp, which is the same size, back into an rled.

it still isnt working, rather it crashes... <_<

Are you sure you IDed them correctly? Sence you are using EVNEW if you hold your cursor over the feild it will tell you what exactaly it does or if its prone to change to look it up in the Bible.

nooo, no that. When i am uploading my .bmp into the rled it crashes. Ive put in the same settings that i exported it as. 6 x 18 frames 108 total frames and 288x864 pixels. So i have really no clue whats happening.

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