Adding mission cargo

I'm doing a little plug to add a few missions to the base scenario and I'm having trouble in naming a cargo for a mission. Simply, how do I add a specific cargo that's only going to be used for this one mission?

I think you've to create a new STR resource and enter the number of the new resource in the Cargo Type field.

You need to edit STR#'s 4000-4005.

Well, what I ended up doing was retyping the entire cargo section of the str# field into my plug. It took about an hour but that's all I know of that could fix the problem. If anyone knows a less labor-intensive way I'd be happy to hear it.


Heh... I did the same thing in one of my own plugs I'm working on. I was working with EV Classic, so it only took a few minutes, though. Later, when I slipped and whacked my head on the toilet, I remembered I could have just copied it and pasted it over.

I also had a sound problem which I posted here about a week ago. One solution would have worked, but I found myself too lazy, and settled for a different sound(stolen from MAGMA). Relevant to this topic? No. Just didn't feel like dragging my old topic back to the top just to say I gave up.

More on-topic though, Heero, you had me make a modification to the Nova Data Files to make the Federation Resupply Mission available even after the player has moved on from that section of the string(ages ago). Did you want that converted and sent to you, or shall I trash it?

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