Is there a way to have a rank that's dependent on on the amount of money and kills earned while allied to a certain government?

Don't think so. It's pretty simple to make a rank which you get when you've made a certain total number of kills, or perticular legal rating with that government (by making a mission which grants that rank, and is only available when the player has a certain combat rating or legal status), but not on the amount of money you have. You could do it so that you get the rank after a certain number of missions with the government, but you can't do it just by wanton killing of random ships.

Belthazar, on Jun 17 2005, 08:15 PM, said:

...but not on the amount of money you have. View Post

I think that if you set a mission to remove a fixed amount of the player's money, it will only be offered if you have that many credits. You can then have the mission start another mission that will refund the money (or it might work to have the mission abort itself using the OnStart field, preventing it from getting to the point where it will remove your money).
I make no guarentees that this will work, however.