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Any reading fans out there?

I have an idea for a TC. I've been making a plug based on the book Don Quixote, with it's own everything (spobs, pers, outfs, etc.) complete with storyline (I'll post it after i go over a few minor details). Anyway, what i was thinking about is making a TC with each system based on a different book or series of any genre, new or old. All i would really NEED help on is somebody to do graphics, because i feel that is the only thing lacking in the current plug i'm working on. I could do everything else myself (although if anyone wants to help they are more than welcome). If you do have some free time and want to help, just let me know. Any other comments, insults, ideas, etc. are appreciated.

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I read most of Don Quixote as part of my oral presentation/final for my freshman English class. The story is rather lengthy but extremely hilarious. I look forward to whatever creative things you can come up with in bringing the story to outer space!

And God save the inhabitants of the universe!

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Thanks. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for books for this plug, that would be great. I don't have nearly enough books/series ideas for this TC and i need some more that i haven't heard of. Anything too big i probably won't do (star wars, star trek) as they would have too many books and details to put into one system, but anything that doesn't have numerous spin-offs and sticks to one main storyline i would incorporate. Just post ideas up on this topic.

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You probably could.
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Some characters or places from the book Ringworld would be appreciated. Er, cool, I mean.

Will you make graphics for the stuff? If so, it will be interesting to see an interpretation of Don Quixote in a computer game.

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Out of literary interest, you should read Silverlock by John Myers Myers. It is a story about a man who goes through a strange land full of characters from legends. He gets turned into a pig by Circe (The Odyssey), meets up with Don Quixote, and fights against and alongside many mythical characters that I have never heard of. It reminds me of what you are trying to do. You are trying to combine multiple book-universes into a space universe, right?

I second the Ringworld nomination. Awesome stuff. Although there wouldn't be too many planets or ships.

I'm not good with graphics. I'm trying to learn but i'm still not very talented. Thats why i would need someone else to do some for me. Nothing too big, but just little changes to various ships to make them unique to the books. I'll look in the boards for graphics people, but if not i'll jut have to go without. Just to let anyone who wants to join this project know (you are more than welcome to....PLEASE) this will be a HUGE project as i want each system to have a different plot based on whatever literary work the system is based on. If i have to write everything myself it will probably take years, as i am already writing a book, and have a busy schedule. I'll do a large part, but if someone with more time wants to take up the slack that would be fantastic. If you have any skills in ANYTHIHNG (writing, graphics, coding) just PM me. Also, thanks for the suggestions. Keep 'em coming.

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I'd suggest Honor Harrington, but there's about 15 books already, and I've only read the first myself. Plus which, the physics of that series would be difficult to duplicate with the EVN engine.

So how about John Ringo's Posleen novels? Only 4 during the main storyline; I haven't read Cally's War yet, but apparently it takes place years later.

Well, Moby Dick seems like a natural if you are going for great literature.

Catch-22 would be an interesting challenge -- I'm thinking of the scene where Milo Minderbinder is hired by the Germans to bomb his own Army base, for instance. :laugh: (Also some more serious illustrations of the insanity of war.)

Ooh! Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar! "Friends! Romatonoid Amoebaforms! Countrymen! Lend me your primary aural sense organs!"

Ender's game.

Les Miserables Must have fora book plug-in.

Thanks for the suggestions, I forgot about catch-22. That could turn out to be a very interesting system. Also, Ender's Game and Moby Dick i was already planning on, but thanks a lot for all the suggestions. When i think of enough literature for a TC, i'll post a list up here, but everyone's suggestions are still desperately needed. Thanks for the help.

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I might be late on this, but the Discworld series. It'd be real interesting to fly into a system and stumble across a disc shaped world carried atop four elephants all perched upon the gigantic space turtle A'Tuin. If you want to get really weird with it, have a little viper-sized fighter flit past every once in a while named only The Luggage. Cohen the barbarian hailing you without his 'din-chewersh' in. Or even Death flying about on his horse, Binky. (just remember.. all caps) :laugh:

ok, I'm done now.. 😛

You know what would be interesting? The short story A Game of Rats and Dragons , because the weapons they used against the 'dragons' were so unique. I'd be willing to help with some graphics. You could probably do the landing pics yourself, after you learn, but I'd be willing to do the spins for the Dragons ships, and maybe other small jobs. I remember there only being two or three different ships in the story. Of course, since it's short, you'd eitherneed to make it small (good) or make up a completely new plot (good, but hard).

Fantastic. I posted the Don Quixote plug i made, now i only have to make about 500 more systems, each based off of their own unique book and i'll be set. This won't take long at all.... oh and Anaxagoras, i appreciate the offer, i'll PM you, and we'll talk. Ive never read the story, but im sure i can find it online somewhere.....yep.

If you want to download the plug that inspired this new project, do so here. Also, any ideas for a name for the TC project? Just throw them out there. Keep giving book ideas. Like i said, i need a lot. Anyone else interested should PM me or e-mail me at

I would suggest Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as one of the books. Also I had an idea for a TC, which is where you take the data from all 3 games and combine them! You could have 3 galaxies so that you could travel between the different games just by jumping! Maybe it would be too huge but it would be cool. Besides who hasn't wanted to see the rebels from classic and nova fight the confed from classic and nova. Im working on my own TC but if my problems with it continue I may ditch it for this one because this way I don't have to do any gfx!!

I had one a while ago....... Trying to remember..........


Robinson Crusoe, The Count of Monte Cristoe, Pendragon, The Wheel of Time (though there are 12 REALLY big books in that one), still don't got the one I was thinking of...... The Divide, Inkheart, Holes, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, ANY book written by Dean Koontz (very good suspense there)....

I CAN'T REMEMBER!!! :mad: I'll post later if I remember it.

Hmmm... Watership Down!

Might I suggest Revelations of the Bible. Thats some crazy imagery.

GARFIELD!! He's still got it! Just like Christopher Reeves still had his superhuman strength before he died that he had in the superman movies!!!

I would say the Descent books/games, and I could help a little with that (no guarantees).

Hmm... what about myst?

And I can help with anything. Don Quixote is positively awesome enough. (Ive read the whole thing... not a terrible fan of the digression at the end of the first one, but you know)

Also remember the Foundation series. Trantor, Terminus, New Trantor, Anacreon, etc.