For the Trekkies

Has anybody ever bothered to make an EVC or EVO plug to make the game more trek-like? How would one go about making phasers similar to how they 'actually' are (like forward swivel, but in shorter bursts)?

Anybody create any ship sprites, images, etc?

Have "they" ever.

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And that's only the biggest of several projects. I think there are completed single-ship plugs already on the add-ons page, and there is at least one other "Total Conversion" plug in the works.

The burst-reload feature is only available in Nova so you probably couldn't make a weapon that fires short 'bursts' for EV/O.

Unless you made a weapon sprite that resembled short bursts being fired...

That would look weird, though.

Ah. I missed that this was a request for EVC & EVO plugs, not EVN. In that case....

SpacePirate made a search engine for the ASW add-ons collections for all 3 games. It seems not to be working quite right, though; it misses some pages. Therefore, enter "category=plugins" trek

into the search box at Google to get more complete listings. You'll get back all the add-ons pages that mention the word "trek" (with some repitition). Just ignore the pages headed "EV Nova Files" and use "find" on the EV & EVO pages. You will see that there have been several EVC/EVO Star Trek plugs released.